In continuation of our lovely series from some of my favorite southern creatives, Ginny and Holly created this beautiful diy wedding door wreath for you to recreate at home. Be sure to check out the DIY wedding car garland and DIY wedding ceremony aisle marker. Enjoy!




Wire wreath frame
Floral Wire
Greenery Garland from Fifty Flowers


1. Pull together supplies to complete your wreath

2. Tie wreath with floral wire

3. Cut wreath to wreath desired length

4. Secure 3 pre-soaked oasis at even intervals with floral wire

5. Insert long stem flowers at the base of oasis

6. Insert shorter flowers on the top of side of oasis

Photography: Odalys Mendez // Styling: Ginny Au // Flowers: Rosegolden Flowers


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Baby Shower Invitations | Reply

Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial!

katherine | Reply

it’s beautiful!!!!! ?

Silvie Susardjo | Reply

Loving this!~
Can I please ask where are the gorgeous ribbons from?

Thank you!

Steven | Reply

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Wedding Dresses 2013 | Reply

I can’t wait to have a try!

Katie | Reply

Hi! Just wanted to stop by to say thank you for the tutorial on this gorgeous wreath :) I actually just included it in a wedding wreath roundup :)

Jenny | Reply

Brilliant thanks for the inspiration as I am looking for alternative to using the “Foam” ring this is just what I needed.

Greta | Reply

Thanks for sharing this beauty!!

Elizabeth | Reply

It’s really beautiful
I just love it
Thank you for sharing this gorgeous and inspiring art