Have I ever mentioned how much I love vintage style wedding gowns? This bride’s incredible dress and shoes caught my eye…


[Images c/o Todd Pellowe]


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Kathryn | Reply

Gorgeous! Those shoes are incredible.

Emily | Reply

I ADORE the back of the dress and the shoes!

Lynn | Reply

Do you know who the designer of this dress is?

Once Wed | Reply

Lynn, I actually don’t know the designer of the dress. I’m so sorry, but hopefully someone will comment with the answer.

Inspired Goodness | Reply

Oh Emily, have you found out where those shoes are from? Do tell please!

Katherine | Reply

Where did you find your dress, and can you recommend some places to find vintage wedding dresses?

OnceWed | Reply

I wish I could be more help, but the photographer didn’t have any vendor info on his page:(.

Denise Fontaine | Reply

Wow love the shoes!

Heather-OneLove Photo | Reply

Perfect photographs for this dress-Love them!!! So classic and beautiful!

Monika | Reply

Oh, I would love to find out who designed this dress — it is exquisite!

Whitney | Reply

the shoes are ‘kenzie’, GORGEOUS wedding!

Cara | Reply

Lovely site! The dress is Vera Wang, I believe. I have a picture of my sister trying on the same one, it was amazing in person too.

Sage | Reply

If this is a Vera Wang – What is it called? Thanks

Ambrea | Reply

Someone please! WHAT is this dress called??? Please Help!!

tottie grocott | Reply

Ive fell in love with that “DRESS” What is it called ? How do i get one ???

Danielle | Reply

Anybody know what this dress is called??

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