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From the photographer:
Morocco was one of the most tropical destinations we visited! We arrived a couple of days before the wedding and took a whole day to photograph these two beautiful and fun people.

Our style of work is a mixture of documentary and artistic approach where we focus on authentic moments and emotions between two people in love. We let the couple guide us through the medinas of the city as we took photos of their little moments that proved to us their love for each other. Heather & Matt are charismatic people and we captured genuine moments and reactions between them as we told them our stories and jokes.

Wardrobe is very important in photo sessions, especially engagements! Heather & Matt decided to wear red and white, a minimalistic choice, which complemented the charm of the colourful medinas and contrasted the beach and clear blue sky!

Since the city is really windy, they decided to take us on the sandy beach of Essaouira which was filled with windsurfers, kite-boarders and camels!

The whole photo session was casual like a relaxing day on the beach and spontaneous which is what made Heather and Matt completely relaxed on their wedding day and ready for another photo session!

Photography & Videography Mihoci Studios | Wedding Planning Isla & Smith | Floral Design Anna Kano | Dress Halfpenny London | Hair & Makeup Marian Filali | Food/Dessert Jardin Des Douars


Heather & Matt


From the photographer:
I have been thinking about this shoot for a long time. I wanted to not only share an inspiration of how wonderful a minimalist wedding can be, but also to show how refreshing a lifestyle can be without adhering to some else’s arbitrary rules. I’ve seen brides lose themselves in the process of preparing their wedding after spending lots of time on social media seeing mages of other people’s weddings. I have found that these other visions become distractions, and can cause a bride to forget to ask herself – what’s important to me? As a photographer, I find it’s easy to remove my outer distraction, but it’s  hard to get away from inner distraction and to keep my mind calm. So, this session really resonated with me.

This session had two concepts: using a clean background without any florals; and keeping the focus on the beauty of lines. We applied this concept to every part of our design: floral, dresses, invitations, accessories and hair styling. We kept everything streamlined and tasteful. I hope you love the shoot as much as we do, and that inspires you to find the vision that is truly unique to you!

Photography Jenny Tong Photography | Floral Design Flos On The Folk | Dress from The Loft Bridal | Makeup Wish Makeup Workshop | Calligraphy Joyce Chiang | Hair Accessory Sheeta Design

We hope you have been enjoying the features we have shared from the Loom workshops and the wonderful things being shared there. The first two features were couple shoots – one sexy, one touching, and both very natural. For this feature we are sharing how Loom’s natural, organic voice can be applied to lifestyle shoots, and be equally as compelling.

From the stylists:
For our group branding shoot at Loom, we created an inspirational lifestyle shoot for Hawkins New York. The products of this contemporary lifestyle brand bring a touch of luxury to every home, and we wanted to convey this in our shoot design. Creating a detailed backstory and narrative of the scene helped us curate and direct the shoot on a much deeper level. We wanted every move, action, and shot to make sense within the story. This wasn’t just about styling pretty images of a table setting or creating a series of gorgeous product shots; our intention was to curate a shoot in which every frame and every image is relatable and real. We wanted to share the life and personality of the subject, and make it obvious there’s a bigger narrative at play.

Our story revolves around an aesthetically-minded young woman living in New York who loves to host gatherings for her friends and family in her downtown loft. The scene unfolding at the table takes place on a Sunday afternoon. She’s just returned from the farmers market and starts to set the table for her late Sunday brunch with friends. On her way home, she’d picked up some blossoming branches that she now arranges loosely into some simple vessels scattered across the table. Pretty, but not too perfect. She starts setting the table with tableware and pours herself a glass of rosé while getting into the mood for the gathering. This is where we find her — the table in the midst of being set, with thoughtful details that feel inviting. It leaves us wanting more, curious as to who this woman is.  The unfinished look of the table and our subject’s movements breathed life into these still scenes and captured our vision perfectly.

Photography Lauren Kurc taken at Loom Curated | Stylists Nord & MaeStudio Bicyclette , Priscilla Chan,  PCMedina| Venue U. West | Linens La Tavola

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