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From Team Terra Loom:
Loom is all about authenticity, capturing real feelings of real couples in a series of events reflecting everyday life. When we first sat down with Karli and Nick, their love for one another seemed to fill the entire room. Throughout our conversation, they were constantly looking at each other – glowing and happy. They told us that they love to text each other as soon as they are apart, and to leave each other love letters as surprises. We knew that we had to weave this little detail into the story of our shoot.

We decided to have Nick on the sofa writing as Karli came in to make herself a snack. When Nick got off the sofa to clean up after her, and Karli took her snack to the sofa, she found out that what Nick had been writing was a surprise love letter. As Karli sat down on the sofa she read it, folded it up, and beamed as her smile filled the room. Nick joined her as she shed a few tears. It was such a beautifully raw and real moment.

We feel like in many ways this afternoon in the loft was the ultimate way to experience the Loom process for the first time. Creating such an authentic moment (so special to the couple and so representative of them and their love for one another) was an absolutely amazing feeling. We left the loft that afternoon with a feeling of peace. Our hearts were full. Karli and Nick were just the most wonderful people to work with, and we will forever be thankful to them for this experience.

Photography Heather Nan | Team Terra Loom SLC Michaela of  Nord & Mae, Amy of Gather Design Company, And a of Mika Design Studio | Real Couple Karli & Nick | Workshop Loom Curated


From the photographer, Jessica:
When we realized that this spectacular location was a short drive from the venue of the workshop we knew it was the perfect spot for our elopement shoot of Claudia and Alex. We wanted the mood to feel intimate, minimal and romantic, include lots of movement, and incorporate the natural setting as much as possible. We chose this dress specifically for it’s flow and softness, and kept makeup and hair as natural as possible to give the impression that the bride could have done it herself. The organic floral installation on the side of the cliffs was nuanced in a beautiful way so it almost blended in with the environment (while still feeling very intentional). It created the perfect location for the exchange of vows. This was enhanced by a bouquet that was balanced to seem wild and free, yet delicate and romantic. Overall, we kept details minimal, each one supporting the continuing story of the couple we had already met in the previous couple shoot.

Host & Photographer Jessica Rose | Styling Gatherist | Floral Design Studio Mondine | Couple Claudia & Alex | Dress Cathy Telle | Hair & Makeup Wedding Hair and Makeup By Lisa | Location Southern Coast of England

Your wedding entertainment can serve many purposes. It can create instant atmosphere – whether it’s background music at a drinks reception, the buzz of a close-up magician, or a roof-raising party band. It can also bring people together by breaking the ice, getting the conversation flowing, or simply getting them onto the dance floor. Most importantly, it’s perfect for ensuring that your incredible wedding day creates lifelong memories!

Choosing entertainment isn’t something that most of us will do every day, so when you are picking it for the biggest day of your lives it might feel stressful. But it doesn’t need to be. All you need to worry about is having your entertainment be a reflection of your personalities, fun, and entertaining! Whatever you choose, just know that your entertainers will want you to have an awesome experience from start to finish. Here are some tips from Alive Network to help you with your wedding entertainment choice:

Setting out your budget before you begin will help you get exactly what you want, and help inform your choice of artists. There are usually both premium and modest options across the entertainment board – so don’t be afraid to ask.

Your Style
Think about the tone you’d like to set for your day. Go with your heart and pick entertainment that reflects you and your life together. Perhaps music that reminds you of an unforgettable holiday, or your first date film? If you have a style or theme, this can guide the music and entertainment you choose.  For example, love the 1920s? Then your style would call for some roaring twenties-style jazz, or a vintage-modern band.

Venue Logistics
Your venue can also influence the artists you choose, so check logistics with them (ideally before booking your entertainment). Consider these things: the performance area; the size of entertainment your venue can accommodate; whether there are any volume restrictions or evening curfews; even whether your artists can perform outdoors at the venue. (It’s worth noting that many artists can work with volume restrictions.) Your venue coordinator will have all the info you need at their fingertips, so just ask.

Book early
Popular live bands can be booked 18 to 24 months ahead. To avoid disappointment, start your artist search as early as you can, and get your dream entertainment booked.

Research is the key to an amazing entertainment-filled wedding day. Ask friends and family for recommendations and look online to find out what’s out there. Some entertainment agency sites allow you to search by location, event date, and artist type – meaning you can immediately see what’s available for your big day.

Review the artists online promo. Check out videos and audio of them performing live. Scour their song lists to see if they play music you love. Explore what added extras they offer. Some will also perform acoustic daytime sets for a music-filled drinks reception on top of an awesome evening party, so you get more band for your buck! Read reviews from their previous clients to get an idea how they may make your night feel. Importantly, think about whether they’re the kind of people you’d like to have around on your special day – they’re playing a big role in your day, so it makes sense that you actually like them.

Book, relax and enjoy
Once you’ve found your perfect wedding entertainment, booking with a reputable agency means you have secure contracts and peace of mind, knowing that they’ve got your back. All that’s left for you to do now is make the most of your big day and enjoy every moment!

Information courtesy of Alive Network, the UK’s largest wedding entertainment agency.

Image 1 Bella And The Bourbon Boys | Image 2 LJ Acoustic Singer | Sponsored Content