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We’ve long felt that when it comes to unique, free-spirited fashion, Australian women just know how to create an incredible look. We’ve been keeping our eyes on Australian bridal designer Grace Loves Lace for quite a while, and now, we’re excited to tell you that their first American store is open in Los Angeles!

Grace Loves Lace gowns are utterly unique and designed with the modern woman in mind. Designed and handcrafted in Australia, using the finest French and European lace and silks, these designs embody the spirit of the Grace Loves Lace woman: a woman of style, substance, and passion — the unique bride!

Here’s what we love the most about Grace Loves Lace gowns: Obviously, they’re gorgeous. But it’s the craftsmanship and intentional design behind the gorgeous styles that make these wedding gowns really special. Made by hand in their Australian studios, the stretch factor of these pieces allow a bride to wear a gown that is luxurious yet affordable, structured yet totally wearable. It’s so she can feel irrefutably herself on her special day. The designers at Grace Loves Lace are drawn to something unique, comfortable, luxurious and something that embodies a bride’s personal style. There is no other bridal dress on the market quite like Grace Loves Lace!

Their brand new LA showroom is decked with rich textures, a hint of bohemian flair and modern accents. You can feel the Grace Loves Lace energy and the Australian warmth when you step into the artful space.

Available by appointment only, their Abbot Kinney boutique invites American brides to experience the quintessential Grace Loves Lace touch. Each individual appointment is welcomed by a personal stylist who beckons you with a cool glass of champagne or a signature rose tea. Understandably, magic ensues.

Grace Loves Lace is exclusively sold online with the exception of their Concierge service, showroom destinations; Gold Coast, Australia and now, Abbot Kinney, Los Angeles.


Once you complete the difficult task of finding your dress it’s smooth sailing from there, but sometimes the accessories to compliment and complete your overall look is what can give you a road block. We’ve collected some of our favorite wedding day accessories to give you some inspiration from bold statement pieces to delicate accents.


Click through the slideshow below for pictures and ideas!

We were thrilled to see these images from the recent Boheme Workshops, a fine art workshop set in Santorini and featuring some incredible wedding dress inspiration for you! Each shoot created for the workshop was inspired by a different period in Greek art history. Today’s feature represents one of the earlier periods in Greek Art, known as the Geometric Period, which took place from 900 – 700BC, known for features such as geometric shapes, repetition of patterns and simplified clean lines. These two gowns, while contrasting in many ways, each highlight an artistic approach to dressing a bride: a feminine style of repeated patterns within a whimsical shape on the one hand, contrasted with sleek, clean lines on the other.

Read on for more from the Creative Director, Tahnee Sanders: 

“Taking in the Santorini landscape, I could see these ideas everywhere; the repetition of endless white stairs, the clean lines of the Oia architecture, the patterns projected onto the washed white walls through shadow as the sun moved around the island. Along with these features, the Geometric Period also represented a time of great individualism and innovation in Greek art. As Greece hadn’t yet recovered from the Dark Age, there was a vacuum of influence during this period which meant Greek art began to distinguish itself from earlier styles.

Drawing on these sets of ideas, I selected two gowns. The first gown, by Greek-based designer Christos Costarellos, embodied geometric shapes, patterns, and repetition through its intricate lace bodice and full a-line skirt. The second gown, by New York’s Houghton, was more understated and modern, yet featured the clean lines and interesting cuts and angles seen in geometric art. I enjoyed imagining the personal styles of the brides who would choose these two very different gowns.

Despite being worlds apart both in design and origin, I loved that these gowns gave us a fresh opportunity to explore Greek art history and individualism in a completely new way.

I know I’ve gone on long enough – but I also loved the way Tara Spencer nailed this brief and explored the same ideas in her stationery suite. She combined the clean lines of type with more expressive calligraphy and drawing, contrasted black ink on the invitation with white ink on the envelope, and used a more modern surface in vellum but paired it with handmade paper.”

Photography: Vasia Han for Boheme Workshops  | Creative Direction & Styling: Tahnee Sanders for Boheme Workshops | Florals: Celsia Floral | Planning: Stella and Moscha | Hair + Makeup: Frantzeska Koukoula | Stationery: Tara Spencer | Model: New Model Agency | Patterned Gown : Christos Costarellos  + Modern Gown : Union Bridal | Earrings: Leah Alexander + Rings: Melanie Auld from The Cross Design | Shoes: Zara |  Hair piece: Naturae Design | Venue: Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel, Santorini

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