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It’s so special to be able to see a couple’s story, from the engagement session all the way through to the wedding, especially when they have amazing style. While we’re always fans of weddings filled with beautiful, unique ideas so that we can show them to you, we know that not every couple is concerned about the small touches, or has the budget to be able to do everything they wish they could. On this rainy day shoot in Oregon, the aesthetic focus was on the couple’s amazing style, a beautiful stationery suite, and a dainty bridal bouquet — and it’s perfectly fine to leave it at that.

Both of the dresses chosen for the bride (for the engagement photos and for the wedding day) are incredible – light, airy, appropriately casual and then formal, and the three-quarter length sleeve on that Cathy Telle bridal gown is just stunning.

Read on for more from the stylists, Lewis & Levy:
“We were thrilled to get the chance to work with Jessica at the Villa Catalana Cellars in our beautiful home state of Oregon! Reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes and architecture, the Villa sits among sprawling grounds including a large pond, neoclassical columns and archways, and olive trees in addition to a solarium. The design of the grounds and minimalism of the solarium inspired many opportunities for an intimate getaway surrounding the juxtaposition of new and old. The warm, gentle moments between a couple celebrating their engagement amid the lush greens and natural light of the solarium were complimented by their intimate stroll through the unwavering stone columns and arches. With the aged stonework, whimsical vines, and delicate raindrops falling through the soft light, this story was one of a true love, romantic and enduring.”

Photography Jessica Rose Photography | Stylist/Planner Lewis & Levy | Floral Design Selva Floral | Bridal Gown Cathy Telle | Hair and Makeup Kylie Sallee | Venue Villa Catalana Cellars |  Calligraphy Kelsey Malie Calligraphy | Rings Susie Saltzman | Veil Annie Ekstrom Bridal | Menswear Asos and J. Crew | Engagement Session Dress Kaarem | Models Mitchell & Isabella of Muse Models


If you’re engaged already, then you know what it feels like to wake up for the first time after the proposal, with a ring on your finger. If feels surreal and exciting, and you’re filled with hope and contentment. Throughout the wedding planning process, many couples lose sight of those emotions and that hope. With this simple at-home couple’s photo session, we hope you’re inspired to wake up every day (including your wedding day!) with thankfulness, excitement, and joy for the coming wedding.

Read on for more from the stylist (and Once Wed Premium Vendor), Michaela of Hey Look in Finland:
“It’s January in Helsinki and daylight is rare. But on one of those few sunny days we catch at this time of year, we got together and shot this quiet little shoot, focusing solely on that feeling before an elopement. Too many editorials are still only about the table setting, the ceremony arch and the invitations.

We dropped all of that, no frills, and shot the story of a couple getting ready at home in the morning, savouring those moments before they head out to get married, just between the two of them. We wanted to capture the feeling of inner reflection, that anticipation, that quiet knowledge you are about to take a leap into forever with someone. Without any distractions, no schedules to fuss over, just you and them.

Johannes and Sonja, our real couple, had an incredible chemistry and were encouraging, loving and beautifully intimate during the shoot. It had me in tears once or twice. Their emotional connection brought a level of authenticity to the shoot that I miss in many styled shoots these days. I encourage our couples to think about the wedding day for them first and foremost. Focusing on why you are getting married and what it means to you should always be the first step in planning your day.”

Photographer  Susanna Nordvall | Stylist Michaela of Hey Look | Floral Designer Michaela of Hey Look | Hair and Makeup Paula of Hey Look | Sonja’s Dress & Skirt Arela  | Sonja’s Coat Samsøe & Samsøe from Stockmann | Mikael’s outfit Frenn | Venue Private Home

One of the best things about a wedding is that it gives so many opportunities for families and friends to come together and celebrate, from engagement parties to bridal showers to the rehearsal dinner! Today, we’re sharing some of the memories from Stephanie and Anton’s casual rehearsal dinner, complete with some really fun Argentinian traditions.

Read on for more from the bride about their unique rehearsal dinner:
“The rehearsal dinner was one hundred percent Argentine – from the food to the wine to the traditional “bite of the leg”….

The rehearsal took place at the groom’s parent’s estate in Charlottesville, Virginia. They live atop a mountain with spectacular views of the Blue Ridges. All though the area is very lush with greenery in September, the scenery from their home is tinted blue and purple. Drawing inspiration from this we decided to go decorate the tables with sprigs of rosemary and blue wildflowers.

It is traditional to have an Asado (an Argentine take on the classic barbecue) during times of celebration and get togethers with friends and family, so we delved into local meats, empanadas, and Provoleta. Anton wore traditional Argentine clothing, while I opted for a more boho chic white dress and a fishtail braid pinned into a messy bun.

The atmosphere was casual and laid-back, the perfect predecessor to a more formal evening to follow – the kids ran around and played in the pool while the adults mingled, visited the chicken coop and leisurely ate (for about 5 hours!). To finish the evening we partook in a traditional Argentine “bite of the leg,” in which the bride and groom take a bite out of the leg of the animal that was cooked during the Asado!”

Photography Gianny Campos | Bride’s Dress BHLDN | Rehearsal Dinner Venue  Groom’s parents’ home | Flowers Arranged by family members.

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