Man, do I love hats. Maybe its because I was born and raised in the South, but I always have a hard time
resisting an over the top hat. When I stumbled on Emerson’s blog, An Apple A Day,
and saw this little beauty she created for an upcoming wedding I think my heart did a little flip in my chest. It might be
too “minnie mouse” for some of you, but the fact she added the large
bow on the top to me = perfection. I wish I had some old felt hats
lying around so I could make one too…



Comments (6)

Becca | Reply

So fun. I wish I had someone fun I could wear a hat like this.

Melanie P. | Reply

I love this. The baby is a nice touch. A little bit freaky though;)…

LindaSonia | Reply

This chapeau bears a slight, slight resemblance to the hat Aretha Franklin wore during the Obama inauguration ceremony – minus the bling, of course. Love hats!

Priscilla | Reply

I adore hats too. The little one above is super cute!

charli@ Oddsundays | Reply

omgosh. i just added a post about bows on dresses on my blog! i thinks bows are awesome

Dominique James | Reply

SO cute! love it.

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