Anyone here ever thought of having pom poms thrown at them by guests as they leave? What a fun way to say goodbye…

[Images c/o guessica]


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Adrienne | Reply

I have been trying to figure out what our guests could "throw at us" and I had not heard of this one. Very fun! Now where do you get the pom poms?

Kate | Reply

That is so cute, and I never would have thought of it on my own! Pom-poms can be found at craft stores like Michael’s in every color of the rainbow, too. Love the idea!

Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride | Reply

That is an absolutely wonderful idea!!!

TCB | Reply

Just browsed the flickr posted pictures and wow – super cute wedding with poms throughout!

Anh | Reply

That’s so cute! Are these pom pom made of tissue paper or yarn? I’m totally not familiar with pom poms at all. Any help will be appreciated!

Once Wed | Reply

Hey AHN! They are actually made out of yarn and pretty easy to make. Look up pom pom tutorial on the internet for a number of different tutorials.

Truly Smitten | Reply

Sigh…I wish I can plan my wedding all over again….

carrie | Reply

this was actually my wedding — thanks everyone for the compliments! it was such a great day. my mom, mother-in-law and i made pom poms like crazy using these:

Tiffany | Reply

Very cute! We also did this! :)