I’ve been swooning over this amazing garland all this morning. Who knew coffee filters, old sheets of music, and tissue paper could create something so magnificant? I love the feminine, rustic colors she chose too…



[Image c/o Pam Garrison via Poppytalk]


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Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

I’m in LOVE with this!

Kristin | Reply

I just have to say how much I love this site… and I’m not even planning a wedding. My husband and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last summer, but I am still finding so much inspiration on your site — including amazing decorating ideas like this garland! — that I think it still applies to me. Now I just want to keep throwing dinner parties so I can try to do some of the table trend ideas. Thanks for the amazing site.. I’ll definitely be back.

Melanie | Reply

Did she dye some of the filters pink…GORGEOUS! This is going into my files pronto!

ROOM design studio | Reply

the colors the textures .. all amazingly soft and pretty

lovelymorning | Reply

WOW. these are amazing! i am stashing these some place good for next year. when i cover my house in them.