I am an incredibly visual person, and
for the first few months of our engagement, I only had thoughts
floating around in my head, but nothing concrete.  To help me really
visualize how I wanted the wedding to look, I followed suit of some of
my recently found wedding blogs and created an inspiration board.  I’m
sure this is nothing new to you readers, but it rocked my world.  All
of a sudden, I had direction and a clear vision of the day.  Though
this board shows my wedding being much more green than
it actually was, it gave me a great place to start and helped me keep
my thoughts straight.  The images of the fabrics were the actual
fabrics we’d already purchased (used as our backdrop for portraits), so
including them with found images was really helpful.  
(I didn’t keep track of where I found my images,
and I’m not sure if  you need that info, but if you do, here are links
from some of the pics:,category,Featured%20Bouquets.aspx, the birch tubes are from smallstump.blogspot.com

Stay tuned because tomorrow Chelsea is featuring her entire wedding and it is absolutely INCREDIBLE….


Comments (3)

grace | Reply

i love the fabrics you ended up choosing for your wedding. everything looks beautiful.

amanda b. young | Reply

I LOVE this board! I love how it is a mix of interior design meets raw color meets wedding. I wish I had found out about the loveliness of inspiration boards before my wedding — I’m pretty sure it would have been a huge help getting my ideas straight and vision for the day clear.

jennifer | Reply

Love every bit of this and the birch vases are a lovely touch.

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