Just when I think Max Wanger can’t top his last engagement session…he does. These just popped up on his blog and I love them…

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Gracie | Reply

Yes, these are pretty amazing. I love the one of both their hands holding the hearts. He is really good!

MeredithN | Reply

These type of images make my heart happy. His work is always so inspiring. No idea he had a blog. I am going there next!

Julia | Reply

Max is so good. Everything he touches is gold.

Heather- one love photo | Reply

This guy is on fire. He’s work has a very feminine touch and I like that! It’s very refreshing!

edyta szyszlo photo | Reply

aren’t they simply stunning?! ode to his incredible senses…

Rachel B. | Reply

These photos rock my world.

Jim | Reply

just saw some of this guys stuff on he is really talented.

teresa | Reply

Max Wagner is a genius. Period.

Suz | Reply

these pictures are simply heart warming… tingle in my heart looking at them!

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