crochet style cake

How much do you love the cake table set up above? I feel like designing a wedding cake can be a bit trying at times. You want to have some type of detailing on the cake, but not to the point where you have 1,000 sugar flowers cascading everywhere. I admire how the tiered cake above is quite simple, but still has a lovely retro feel to it courtesy of the delicate layer of lace around each base and amazing paper background. Oh, and her groom cakes are pretty awesome too…just saying.

[Images c/o Real Photography]


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Dana | Reply

I love the scalloped background she created. Awesome awesome awesome…

Molly | Reply

Is that actual lace or icing? Its looks great other ways.

courtney {flush designs} | Reply

I love the upside down drawer for the cake stand. That is just lovely.

Sophia | Reply

I agree. Cakes are tough. I’ve been struggling with mine for quite some time now but really like the one above. Very nice.

Traci | Reply

Thanks for sharing this cake! Molly–The detail is all real icing. Talk about dedication! The cakes all sat on delicate scalloped tissue paper, too–they were even better in person. :) Kristen Klassen in Seattle made the cake–if anyone needs her contact info, please contact me. I’d be happy to share it!

Mery Hill | Reply

This cake has really delicate details. I consider a cake must not have such complicated details at all. The cake looks fantastic and it’s elegant as well. Definitely a good option to get in a count for weddings.