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I’m slowly waking up this morning, but this beautiful tabletop by Cynthia Warren is definitely perking up my spirits…


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Sis | Reply

The candy wrapper is delicious. I’m thinking about doing something similar for my guests. Of course, my paper won’t be as beautiful.

rebekah | Reply

Love how they are using the official title of St. Valentine’s Day! This is simply delightful!

Diana | Reply

This is beautiful!

Kathryn | Reply

I love this menu! Something about it speaks to me. : )

Alyce Serpell | Reply

i love your website., you have such beautiful pictures…

Elizabeth | Reply

Thanks for posting on Cynthia. She is in my neck of the woods,and I have been to the restaurant that is featured in that Valentine’s menu. I wish that I had attended that night so I would have a keepsake.

Dave King | Reply

Cynthia Warren is a design genius. Her work is beyond gorgeous. She design most of our wedding print materials and we still get compliments on them nearly 7 years later.