Im seeing a lot of gowns with “crumb catcher” style tops this season, but Im not quite sure how I feel about them. On one hand I like seeing fabric manipulated in different ways rather than the typical a-line bodice, but a crumb catcher at the top of a wedding gown is somewhat odd. What do you guys think?

{Photos c/o In Style Weddings}


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christine | Reply

i love this style but think it would take a really special woman (like these models) to pull it off

Emily | Reply

I’ve never heard them referred to as "crumb catchers" and I love it. I wasn’t fond of the style originally, but then I saw one in person and really loved the pleating and detail

Meredith | Reply

I wore a bridesmaid dress with a "crumb catcher" top in a July 2007. I loved the dress, and I thought the pics of the bridal party were gorgeous. That said, I don’t think I’d choose it for a wedding gown…i like classic bridal gowns, let the bridesmaids add the contemporary flair to the party!