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I found the photographer above through the always lovely, Little Winter Bride, and couldn’t resist posting a couple of my favorites from his portfolio. What a sweet sweet couple…

[Images c/o Yves Samuel Photographe]


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Sam | Reply

I want our getaway to be on a bicycle. I love how they have a trail of tidbits behind them.

Jessica | Reply

The couple is precious. As much as I love color photographs, black and white will have always be my first love.

chapman | Reply

this couple is adorable. i love the vintage feel it is giving off.

Wesley | Reply

Short wedding dresses and bicycles are the perfect combination in my humble opinion. Lovely as always!

EB Finds | Reply

Back to basics! It’s perfection.

The Professional Bridesmaid | Reply

Beautiful!! I love when couples incorporate bicycles into weddings. Remind me of that song ‘A Bicycle Built for Two.’

Megan | Reply

I love this picture of the couple on the bicycle. It is absolutely adorable!

made sweet | Reply

it’s so sweet!!! i love it.


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