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Erin Leigh, Viera Photogrpahics

Erin Leigh, Viera Photogrpahics

- california

Erin Leigh of Viera Photographics captures light and makes art through film and analog photographic techniques. She photographs weddings with a unique eye for detail and subtle beauty.

What made you decide to become a wedding photographer?

Erin: Happiness. I think at some point in everyone’s lives we struggle with darkness and uncertainty inside of us. During that time in my life, I happened upon the wedding photography industry as a means to utilize my new fledging photography skills I was learning in art school. Photographing weddings was the singular amazing moment that is no where else replicated. No matter what happened before or will happen after that day – there is nothing but pure love and happiness in that quickly fleeting moment. So I wanted to capture it and give people – families, couples, friends, loved ones – a tangible thing to be able to hold on to that memory.

How would you describe your photography style?

Erin: Our style has best been described as “stylish story telling with raw emotion.”

We focus on capturing candid, honest, touching moments and images that convey the feel and tone of the day – we will also photograph the food, your shoes, your grandma, how the ocean looked, your mother’s long list of formal photos, your drunk uncle, and whatever else we can find to tell your story completely.

We draw inspiration from photojournalism, fashion photography, editorial photography, and architectural photography; weaving together different approaches to create beautiful timeless images.


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