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Matt & Tish Photography

Matt & Tish Photography

We will always be about people, love, adventure and creating art
albuquerque - new-mexico

We will always be about PEOPLE. We want to photograph the authentic emotional moments. We look for the unseen moments and the moments you want to forever remember. We are inspired by movement, love, adventure, and light.

We want something different. We won’t spend our time posing because¬†we are so focused on what is real. Those real moments are the moments that will always remind you why you chose to spend the rest of your lives together.

When we talk to you we want you to hear what is most important to you! We expect you to care about photography, we will educate you on light and we will come alongside you to make sure you have the very best!

Whether you choose to have a wedding or you elope we are always honored when we are chosen to come alongside our couples in their journey and we look forward to documenting their day!



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