When it comes to listing your wedding dress on OnceWed, the most important thing you can do to market your dress is to include quality photos. By quality, we mean that the photos you’ve chosen are taken in good light, which may mean including pictures from your wedding. You will also want to choose simple photos, and remember include detail shots of your dress.

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    Find Natural Light

    Good light for taking photos is natural and ample light. Light from your window is good, while artificial light, like that from your bedroom lamp, is bad.

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    It’s also important to remember that when shooting your dress in natural light, don’t shoot when the sun is shining directly on your dress. Shoot your dress near a window around mid-day if at all possible, which will help you avoid harsh shadows. Dresses that are presented in a beautiful way are going to attract more inquiries and potential buyers than dresses listed with poor quality photos.

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    Keep the shot clean. If you must take photos of your dress hanging, you may want put a nail in the wall to hang it from, or even remove a picture from the wall and hang it from that. Your dress will be highlighted if you photograph it on simple and de-cluttered background.

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    The key to listing your dress and attracting buyers is presenting your gown in the best possible light, both literally and figuratively. You also want to highlight the best parts of the dress by highlighting the details that made you fall in love with it. Make sure to get close up shots of those details so that potential buyers will be get just as excited about the dress as you were when you found it!

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    It’s also a good idea to include pictures from your actual wedding. Your wedding photos were probably gorgeous and make your dress look lovely as well. A dress is going to sell more easily if it looks beautiful in photographs. A dress also looks better on a body than it does hanging on a hanger. So, if you feel uncomfortable including photos from your wedding, then take some pictures of you in the gown that shows how the dress fits on a body.

So, though it may be time consuming, take the time out of your day to optimize your listing by sorting through photographs of your gown that display it in the most beautiful way.

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