Buying Wedding Dresses Online: Questions To Ask To Avoid Scams

Buying Wedding Dresses Online: Questions To Ask To Avoid Scams

Ask Detailed Questions and for Specific Pictures

Scammers have become very inventive about how they scam people and will contact someone who has a dress for sale and ask for lots of pictures. Then they turn around and create a fake listing using the other person’s images.  If you have any suspicion that this has happened, ask the “seller” to send you a picture of themselves in street clothes so that you can compare it to the images of them in their wedding dress.  An honest seller won’t mind – a scammer will make up a reason they can’t do it.

When purchasing your used designer gown through Once Wed, there are some key questions for you to ask when you’re starting a transaction with a seller. These are designed to protect you as a buyer as well as get you more information regarding the condition and sizing of the dress.

Questions You Should Ask

  • Have there been any alterations made to the dress? If so, what types of alterations and how does that affect the size of the dress?
  • How tall are you, or how tall were your heels when you wore the dress? This may affect the length of the dress and how it fits.
  • Are there any stains, discolorations, tears or any other defects on the dress? Avoid surprises and find out everything you need to know about a dress before you receive it. This will help protect you (with PayPal's Purchase Protection) in the event the dress arrives with damages/stains and the seller said it was fine. 
  • Do you have the original receipt or the letter of authenticity that goes along with the dress? These aren’t necessary, but may help give you peace of mind.
  • Can you send me a picture of the dress on a hanger with a note showing todays date? This shows that they actually have the dress with them and that it is real.
  • How are you planning to pack and ship the dress? You may also want to suggest that the seller looks at the directions we have written for how to pack and ship a wedding dress. This is also the opportunity to ask in advance that they send you a tracking number and request signature upon arrival.

If you ask these recommended questions, and any other questions you may think are appropriate, then your transaction will be quick, safe, and easy!

Always Be Careful, Let Us Know If You See Suspicious Behavior 

The main thing to remember when you’re buying your used wedding dress online is to be careful.  An honest seller is going to be just as cautious as you, but they will be giving you the right answers and not setting off alarms.  

If you’re ever suspicious, reach out to our team at and we will block this person from selling on OnceWed if we feel they are a scammer. Just take the time to investigate and ask the right questions to ensure that your transaction will be quick and easy!


Once Wed was launched in March 2008 to meet a need in the marketplace for an online listing service for second-hand wedding dresses. Within a short time, the company had developed into an online wedding publication and resource to provide newly-engaged brides with inspiration and tools to plan their dream wedding.