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Featured Simple Can Be Stunning

From the bride, Xanna: When pulling together the details of our wedding, we wanted it to be simple, intentional, and feel like it was truly our wedding. I’ve always appreciated the meanings in details, so I wanted to translate that in our wedding day. I am crazy about setting the table, even when it’s just […]

Featured Modern Bridal Gowns We Know You’ll Love

We think finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts about wedding planning, and we want to get you off to a good start. Check out this modern new collection of bridal gowns from one of our favorite independent designers, Sarah Seven!

Featured Atlanta Outdoor Wedding at River Run

Joy Thigpen and I have always been surprised how few options exist for couples looking to have their wedding outside in Atlanta, so imagine our excitement when River Run Stables right here in Sandy Springs, GA(only a short drive out of the city) approached us about working with them on a shoot to help promote […]