1.  We strung paper doily hearts for our guests to sign and write well-wishes, advise or memories on in place of a guest book.

2.  The white sparrows were at my parent’s wedding and at my sister’s wedding… and now at mine!


3.  The deer planter, which was a birthday present from Tec, was almost
too perfect!  Aside from the color and the deer (‘Oh, my deer!’), the
shape was great and it fit our programs perfectly.
4.  Since
everyone knows how stiff family portraits can be, we strung fabric from
posts to take these normally dull photos from frumpy to fantastic!


5.  Our wedding was about 30-minutes off the beaten path, so along with
warning our guests of its obscure location and the approximate length
of time it would take to reach the barn, we also painted signs to lead
them in the right direction.
6.  (That’s my cute grandfather under the papel picados… Couldn’t you
just eat him up?!)  In the late days of April, I started introducing my
younger students to artwork and projects that corresponded with Cinco
de Mayo.  One of those projects was making papel picados, which means
“pierced paper” in Spanish.  Obviously, I fell in love with the result.
But I couldn’t figure out how to make them for the wedding without
having tacky “fold-lines.”  The next week, I met up with my friend Joy
who had recently offered her expertise, style and sanity in
terms of making our wedding come together.  (By
the way, Joy was a life-saver.  Since we didn’t have a wedding
coordinator or planner in the budget, the ideas, the planning, the
execution, etc. was being done primarily by Tec and me, and by the time
April rolled around, I felt like I was drowning!  There were still so
many ideas floating in my head, but I already felt like we were taking
on too much, and I didn’t know how we were going to make it the wedding
of our dreams without loosing my mind and without loosing focus on the
reason we’re having a wedding–the marriage.  Anyway, all of that to
say, if there is someone in your life whose taste you appreciate and
who you trust to get the job done, don’t be afraid to enlist their
help.  If they’re your true friend, and especially if they’ve been in
the same boat before, then they will most likely understand where
you’re coming from and jump at the opportunity to help you achieve the
celebration of a lifetime.  Ok, and now back to the papel picados…
She had pulled some tear-sheets together of ideas she’d come across
that seemed to fit the feel of our wedding.  And what did she have?  An
Image of floating, breezy, flirty papel picados!  I swear she read my
mind… So we did some research and found beautiful wedding papel
picados online for a reasonable price.  And though they were such a
minor detail of the wedding, they fit the mood and the aesthetic of the
day perfectly.

Aren’t the details above AMAZING? Cheslea’s style is impeccable. So much more coming up….

[Images c/o Chelsea and Jose Villa]


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zoe | Reply

I’m totally going to steal your doily idea for my own wedding:). Hope you don’t mind. Its adorable!

*B* | Reply

I also LOVE your ideas, you are so creative! I’m not gonna steal some of them for my wedding, but for my daughter’s upcoming 5th birthday!

tina | Reply!

Elissa Pugh-Arguello | Reply

I was fortunate enough to be a guest at this wedding and it was even more amazing than these wonderful photographs!
Chelsea and her husband are a beautiful and creative couple and their wedding showed it in every detail, yet it wasn’t too "done" at all. The wedding and the couple are both an inspiration!