I am so excited about today’s wedding which comes to us all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. Annemie works for the incredible event design firm, Elsje Design, so when they mentioned on their blog about her upcoming wedding – I knew it would turn out to be a beautiful event. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by Elsje Designs website or blog – I would highly recommend it. The details that go into their weddings and events are sensational and I always feel myself gravitating back to their site for inspiration.

More from Annemie, the lovely bride….

Annemie and Mitch de Jager
got married on the 17th of January 2009 in Stellenbosch.  The couple
met while still at primary school, and were also childhood sweethearts
– they still cherish the hand-written love notes that they exchanged
all those years ago! 

For the last eight years, the
pair have been inseparable and when Mitch finally popped the question
in April 2008, Annemie literally jumped for joy!


Our save the date was foiled in silver, gold and bronze and hand stiched down the spine…

art history wedding ideas3

Annemie’s wedding gown was
created by Karen ter Morshuizen from Lunar Clothing. This floor-length
dress was made from white washed linen, with a pale silver lining and
matching belt made from frayed fabric strips and  finished with
folded flowers made from tulle, linen and lace. The dress had a secret
feature – side pockets in which to keep her “something blue” vintage
handkerchief! The bride also wore a soft tulle veil from Lunar,
and a pair of grey pearl drop
earrings borrowed from her mom.


The bridal party prepared for
the big day at the Beauclair Guest House in Stellenbosch.  One
of the funniest moments getting ready was when the photographer asked
the three bridesmaids to pose for a picture perching on the edge of
the ball-and-claw bathtub – just as the girls got comfortable, the bath
started tipping over, causing shouts of panic and lots of giggles!


The marriage ceremony was held
in the Stellenbosch University Art Gallery, which started as a Lutherian
church in the 1920’s, and is now a lovely open white space used mainly
for student exhibitions.  Guests were seated on white ottomans,
and Alwyn from Okasie styled two white trees with white linen strips,
creating an ethereal and wispy effect.

art history wedding ideas1

Order of service booklets were
designed and printed by Elsje from Elsje Designs, combining different
elements and information, from the history of the gallery to interesting
facts about Afrikaans wedding traditions, to make for one very interesting

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Stay tuned for Part II of their lovely reception coming up next…

[Images c/o Lizelle Lotter]


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Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

those are the prettiest bridesmaid dresses I’ve ever seen! I love how all of the necklines are a bit diiferent.

super cute!

Lisa | Reply

I adore the art history feel behind everything. The old handwritten lettering is stunning.

Hannah | Reply

This wedding is absolutely stunning.

And I agree, those bridesmaid’s dresses are gorgeous!! Where are they from?? Does anyone know I love that they are seemingly customizable per girl.

Can’t wait to see more from this wedding.

Marisa | Reply

If anyone knows where these bridesmaid dresses are from please share! I love them

Martha | Reply

Please please please let us know where those gorgeous bridesmaid dresses are from! Stunning!!

Abbie | Reply

I totally agree on the BM dresses. The bride’s dress is very fun, too. What an interesting bouquet!!

Renee | Reply

I MUST know where the BM dresses are from, too!

Brettan | Reply

Yes please tell me where the BM dresses are from. I am MOH in a beach wedding and need to choose a lilac dress! :)

Kara | Reply

Oh my word! The bridesmaid dresses are studding! We must must must figure out where they are from!

LK | Reply

GORGEOUS!!! Such a beautiful wedding. and I love her dress!

Mia | Reply

I adore the bridesmaid dresses, are we able to find out where they’re from?

annie | Reply

i love the BM dresses. they are so unique!

Bonnie | Reply


I am Annemie’s mom. I made the bridesmaid’s dresses as seen in the wedding pictures of Annemie and Mitch. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I am truly flattered by your comments on the dresses! It has always been my dream to put something out there which is loved. You have made my day! Annemie and I found this most wonderfull material and decided there and then that this was all we needed to make the dresses. For the necklines I used broad pieces of satin ribbon in a brownish grey colour, just to bring in some light. I also handmade the flowers from pieces of materials of different textures. I left the edges to unravel. The centre of every flower also differs. In some I used pearly buttons, some had a crocheted centre, etc. As a present to each bridesmaid I made the same dresses, only in black. For the straps I used broad strips of black crocheted string and fitted it the same style for each bridesmaid as for the original dresses. This also looked quite stunning! This makes a dress equally fit for day or evening wear. Thanks again, it was wonderful to see your comments!

Traci | Reply

These dresses are amazing – you did a beautiful job! Did you use a pattern? Truly beautiful and obviously one of a kind!

Allison | Reply

where on EARTH are those bridesmaid dresses from?!? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL!!!

Dyan | Reply

Where did Annemie get her wedding dress? It’s amazing!

Annemie de Jager | Reply

hello all! thank you so much for your amazing reponses on my wedding post! it is absolutely overwhelming! if anyone wants to contact my mom directky, her e-mail address is digtebij@cybersmart.co.za. Alternatlively, you can just mail me.

Sypsa | Reply

Wow, I love the bridesmaids dresses too…Bonnie, would you be interested in making one more? If so, please contact me: stephensyp@yahoo.com