Amber and Jeff are such a sweet couple and I am so excited about sharing their super fun wedding today on Once Wed. Amber was generous enough to give us some background behind all her DIY details in 3 posts filled with inspiration, so keep checking back all day for more details…

My husband and I met as mechanical engineering students back in
university, so it goes without saying that we are quite the science
geeks (I was actually in the Math Club during high school, where we
stayed after school to write math tests for fun!). We started dating
in 2000, and the first few years of our relationship were spent almost
entirely within the confines of our university. We finally got engaged
in 2006 and we knew right away that we wanted a small wedding (we ended
up with a total of 45 people at our wedding, including ourselves). When
it came time to choose the theme/colours for our wedding, inspiration
came from an unlikely item a sheet of looseleaf. Our wedding would be
school-themed, as an homage to where we met, and our colours would be
aqua and red.

As someone who’s craftiest pre-wedding endeavour involved cutting a
heart out of construction paper, slapping on some glitter, and calling
it a day, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to take
on so many diy projects for our wedding. In the end, though, I’m glad I
decided to test out my craftiness.

First up, our save-the-dates. The very first thing I diy’ed was our
monogram so I went a little buck wild incorporating it into our
save-the-dates. The outside of the boxes were hand-stamped and the
contents included two 1.5″ monogrammed fridge magnets and some
personalized pencils.


Since I included a link to our wedding website
in our save-the-dates, web design was up next on my list. To tie in
with the school theme, I designed it to look like a cork bulletin board
with notes held on with push pins. Partially hidden in the bottom left
corner is a scribbled tribute to my husband’s favourite band.


The main part of our invitation suite was made to look like a pad of
paper, with the pages beneath containing a map/directions and the rsvp.
The invite was held together with some good old staples and book
binding tape and the whole lot was then tossed into a mini-folder I cut
from a standard size file folder.


For our petal toss I ran some small white paper bags through our inkjet
before filling them with freeze-dried petals and sealing them with a
monogram sticker. Our card box was assembled from three mini-suitcases
bought from Paper Source.


Our programs, guestbook pages, and menus were also diy. I’m not so
crafty as to own a Gocco, so we bought the personalized cocktail
napkins online.


Tables were named after our favourite subjects (biology, chemistry,
math, compsci, physics), so for the guest place cards, I attached
corresponding 1″ buttons declaring the guest’s love for that particular
subject. The groom and I had special pins declaring our love for one


Okay, enough of my bad, unfocused amateur pics. On to our wedding day pros… including a few more diy crafts along the way.


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aletha :: pearls events | Reply

This is an ADORABLE wedding, Emily. Thank you so much for sharing. The images are splendid!

Kate | Reply

This is TOO cute! I really love the red and blue combo, too.

Kate @Kids and Cocktails | Reply

For a non-crafty gal, you sure did a fantastic job! I love it all! Your STD is darling!

Samantha Vanderlist | Reply

I LOVE IT ALL! Well done. Its so original.

LK | Reply

I love the creativity of this whole wedding. I especially like the originality of the invitations. Such a cute idea!

TH | Reply

Too cute! Love the colors! Why can’t I be this creative?

Celine | Reply

TOO CUTE! I love school themed weddings! And this paper package is so complete with amazing details!

Adrienne | Reply

These details are incredible! Love it all!!

Ashley Rose | Reply

Umm wow!!! So freagin cute! I am lovin this whole school theme :) and those buttons are adorable!!!

chelsea {oh my deer} | Reply

unbelievable! i have a hard time believing you’re un-crafty… each detail has such thought behind it, and i love the consistent theme! way to go, mrs. amber!

jesse -our labor of love | Reply

this is ridiculously awesome! i love it!

Kenzie | Reply

Amber’s wedding was breathtakingly amazing. So cool and quirky and well-thought out.

I am sticking this entire wedding set in my inspiration folder!

N | Reply

This might just be the cutest, most creative wedding ever! I love everything, but especially the buttons.

Jeana | Reply

So unique! I love every detail, what excellent ideas.

Chung Nguyen | Reply

First, lovely color scheme. Second, wow. The ingenuity with each item and it all has a very cohesive theme.

Great job, Amber!

Rebecca | Reply

oh, such lovely, witty details!

Nikki C | Reply

Hey hey! I absolutely adore what you did with this wedding. I feel like I know you as a couple without knowing you as a couple…I only hope for the same from my wedding. Very inspiring and school-chic! :)

Margo | Reply

Reminds me so much of Ashley and Dusty’s wedding done last year.
Great job guys! and congrats!

Inspired Goodness | Reply

Wonderful, fun, inventive and crafty! Loved all the details and time put into these pieces.

What an all around awesome job!

Ana | Reply

The more I see…the more I love!

Courtney | Reply

All of the paper for this wedding is simply incredible. I love, love, love it!

Mirella | Reply

Wow! Loving all the thought that was put into these adorable details. Soo sweet! Thanks for sharing!…

Crystal | Reply

you guys are friggin brilliant!!! Gorgeous ideas girl!!

tina | Reply

Hi, where did you get the bags for the rose petal throwing?

Annalisa | Reply

omg..too cute!! i love all of this:X