You might have already seen snippets of this lovely wedding on the amazing Design Sponge, but I was so excited when Alyson Fox sent over images of her wedding to share with us.  Alyson is an incredible artist and designer and I can’t wait to see the collection she tells us about below. She was kind enough to share a few details about how she and her husband met and their lovely wedding for Once Wed…

I am an artist and I also have a small design side to my madness. I
make a little of everything. Playing and trying to be self supporting
with it all. I also have a collaboration with a designer in Brooklyn
called “Fox in Mociun” It’s printed tees, and will soon be
undergarments with fun prints and colors. My husband and I meet in Grad school in Boulder Colorado. He was
studying Art History and I was Studio Art. We moved to Austin after
school. He started his own interactive design agency a little over a
year ago with 2 other partners called Coloring Book Studio. I am really fortunate because he makes me wonderful websites and take great care of me.

We really wanted a low key wedding that was fun and “Us” and keeping it
at a reasonable budget. We decided on a Brunch wedding since we both
love eating brunch on Sunday. We had breakfast tacos, potatoes,
muffins, casseroles and fruit.
Regarding inspiration for the wedding, I only wanted white with accents of black. My dress was made from a WWII parachute that I got off of e-bay and a vintage kimono
that had some black drawings of birds and bunnies on it.
I ended up making my garter belt too and it was super easy to do. I just took a
vintage ribbon, sewed a bit of elastic on it to fit my leg and then
hand sewed the detail fabric on it that I got from a vintage slip.

The flowers from the wedding we found by going to a flower company and picking
out fun looking flowers that were white and black/plumish in color. I
wanted a very simple hand picked look, so my mother in law did them all
with her friends and I just love them. I did a drawing for the invitations that we had embossed by Sesame letterpress onto thick card stock to go with our whole “Tying the Knot” theme. My friends and I actually made the origami flowers by finding instructions on line. We used white computer paper to create them and scattered them on the grass for the ceremony.


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Stay tuned for Part II of Alyson’s lovely wedding coming up next….

[Images c/o Ashley Garmon and Emily Joyce of Ashley Garmon Photographers]


Comments (7)

Dana | Reply

This is by far the coolest wedding I have ever seen. I love the holga images, origami, and her insanely fabulous wedding dress.

Jessica | Reply

She made her dress out of a parachute? How awesome is that! I wish I could come up with ideas like this. Can’t wait to see Part II.

brooke | Reply

that garter is amazing. it is the first one ive seen that i would actually wear. i also like the origami touch. how fun.

Georgia | Reply

Such a sweet wedding. This is exactly what a need to get started planning mine.

east side bride | Reply

One-of-a-kind dresses make me so happy!

Kristy | Reply

Where was the wedding? The pictures are fantastic.

Ashley | Reply

Alyson, I am getting married at Mercury Hall next September, and we are on a tight budget too! If you can give me any advise for affordable caterers or rentals, I would be so thankful. Please email me at Thanks!

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