I was so excited when I discovered Jen Curtis a couple weeks back while doing my usual midnight surfing in bed. Jen Curtis is based in Boston and is an incredible wedding photographer. As you can see below…her images are filled with beautiful light and delightful colors, so definitely don’t forgot to add her lovely blog to your google reader or bookmarks after you leave here. Jen was kind enough to share some images from the recent wedding of Raj and Bridget at Riverside Farms in Vermont. Be prepared to be WOWED by the rich colors and textures below…


Part II of this oh-so-fabulous wedding coming up next…

[Images from Jen Curtis]


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Rebecca | Reply

The quilted canopy is stunning–I mean, really beautiful. Can’t wait to see more!

Shelly | Reply

Please feature more Indian weddings like the one above. I am Indian and am having difficulty finding good ideas for my own traditional Indian wedding. Thanks

DL | Reply

I really like her photography style. Reminds me a lot of Jose Villa and his work.

Olivia | Reply

I want to wear a sari to my wedding now.

Truly Smitten | Reply

oh wow!!!!! so much beautiful detail! I love ethnic weddings!