I am so thrilled to have Celine guest blogging all this week on Once Wed that I am just going to skip the normal introductions and let her jump right in with the first of two guest blogging posts for today…

I met Jin within the first half
hour of my first day of my first internship at an architecture firm
in Toronto. It was love at first sight. I had just started studying
architecture, and he was the IT manager of the firm. That was four and
a half years ago and we have been happily together since! At the time, I lived with my parents
in the suburbs outside Toronto, and I always disliked it there, and
at the time, I didn’t know Toronto as a city yet.   I just
knew I wanted to be there, and Jin was my guide into the city.
A couple years later, we moved into our favorite part of Toronto together,
the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood.

When it was time to plan our wedding,
we wanted to have the wedding in the city centre, but we also wanted
it to be very intimate.  When a friend of Jin’s offered to have
our wedding in his parents backyard, we were intrigued. We liked that
it was in a backyard, meaning our wedding could be small, simple, intimate
and personal. Our friend’s parents house was a short drive away from
the city, which was not terrible. When he said that the property was
on the lake, we immediately said yes!

Being the first one to get married
out of my family and friends, I felt very inexperienced. Luckily, my
maid of honour, Yukiko, was so enthusiastic about helping me plan a
wedding, I did not feel so alone in this process. Yukiko is the one
who introduced me, and got me addicted at looking at wedding blogs for
inspiration for the wedding. It was an eye opener! And also quite overwhelming!


Stay tuned for beautiful reception details from Celine coming up next…

[Images c/o Gabriel Li]


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Rebecca | Reply

what a delight! love the handmade touches. plus the little guests–flower girl and pup–so sweet!

Notquiteabride | Reply

what an amazing wedding! I love her dress, and I cannot wait for more details!!

Darling Dexter | Reply

This wedding looks so fun :) great color palette!

Alyce | Reply

So Pretty! Do you know where the flower girl dress is from? Sooo cute!

Oct09Bride | Reply

I love everything about this wedding….looks like such a great day. Also love the photography. Do you know who did it?