The flowers for the tables were
not quite done in the city. I met Shane from Underground Organics at
my neighborhood farmer’s market. He has a stall there selling beautiful
flowers every week. His organic farm is outside of Toronto, and he made
these simple, garden-picked, arrangements for us, which is exactly the
look I wanted for our wedding. 


Our little ring bearer held our
rings in a little birds nest instead of a pillow. I tied our rings with
blue and red ribbon to secure them. 


I designed the wedding programs,
and I made confetti rice packs with tracing paper and silkscreened labels
that said “gently toss and the bride and groom”. It was so fun to
have a shower of rice coming down on the both of us after the ceremony
ended! I got the idea for the confetti rice packs from Martha Stewart Weddings.



Our squirrel caketopper was made by Jennifer Murphy. Her caketoppers are absolutely adorable, so if you are interested in seeing more her designs – check out her etsy store.



For our guestbook, I silkscreened
some fun patterns on red and blue paper. During the reception, our guests
wrote lovely messages on them and clipped them on strings hanging from
our wedding arch


Yukiko made two pennant flags that
hung under our wedding arch. It was made out of the leftover silk from
my dress, and our initials “C” and
“J” were made in chiffon, so that it would look translucent.


I made 400 ft of pennant flags for
the wedding out of different fabrics I collected that had red and blue
in them. They were hung all over the site from the tent to the trees.
I also made mini flags with the same fabrics to line the head table.

Celine was kind enough to put together a little DIY for her pennant banner coming up next…

[Images c/o of Celine and Gabriel Li]




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rizie | Reply

oh celine! your wedding was absolutely perfect! i’m sure you’ll be hearing from me in the near future for some ideas!!!!

smary | Reply

people still throw rice? I assume someone swept it up right after to avoid killing the birds!

Once Wed | Reply

Hey Smary! Actually, the whole rice killing birds issue is a myth. Rice is actually a staple food for many types of birds.