Submission Guide

How do I submit my work to once wed?

We wouldn’t be here without the talented array of creatives across the world who graciously submit their work to us, and we’re always looking out for new talent and beautiful editorials to feature. So, how do you get featured on once wed?

So, how do you get featured on once wed?

First, send a sample of 30-40 images to for us to review via dropbox or another cloud-based sharing tool like pixieset or pass gallery. We ask that you not lock it in any way, or password protect it.

If we think your submission would fit with our aesthetic and resonate with our audience, we’ll contact you to let you know it has been accepted!

The next steps will look like:

  1. We provide you with a password, this will allow you to log in to our submission area where you can submit all the required information. The form will request web size resolution images at least 700 width (1500px width is ideal), and ask for vendor credits and a little more information about the wedding or editorial to share with our audience!
  2. Once we receive and review your submission form, we will let you know the date of your feature.

I’d love to have my work featured on once wed! What are you looking for?

At once wed, our biggest focus is on simple, classic, elegant, understated, and original weddings and styled shoots. We love celebrations that are surprising, inspirational, and are a true reflection of the couple getting married. We look for unique details, like an amazing venue, or one of a kind dress. Those submissions speak to our readers, which is why we’re drawn to them. We also love when couples have amazing chemistry. Sometimes a wedding only needs one or two amazing details to make it unique and stunning. No fancy photography tricks, or elaborate decor- we want a beautiful story. We love simple submissions that highlight small details- so pull from nature or highlight an amazing detail from the wedding. These small details help us create a cohesive story that resonates with our audience.

Do you only accept film photography submissions?

No! Although we love the allure and soft nature of a film photograph, we can just as easily love a moody or crisp digital image. It’s all about lighting and details!

How quickly do you make decisions on submissions?

We know you’re eager to have your work featured and understand you probably want to submit to one blog or publication at a time, so we try to respond to your submission within 2 weeks. Sometimes it may take us a little while longer, but we’ll try our best to get back to you as quickly as possible!

What do I do if my submission is rejected?

Please don’t be discouraged. A lot has to come together for a submission to be accepted: styling, the couple, the gown, the venue, the details, etc. – then the photography has to capture all these things in a way that meets the Once Wed aesthetic. It’s a lot to put together and there are a lot of variables that come into play, but that doesn’t mean your work isn’t beautiful! We know that you put your heart and soul into your work, and we love receiving submissions, so please feel free to submit again!

Ready to Submit?

If your submission has been approved, we’ll provide you with a password to login here:

Click here


Once Wed was launched in March 2008 to meet a need in the marketplace for an online listing service for second-hand wedding dresses. Within a short time, the company had developed into an online wedding publication and resource to provide newly-engaged brides with inspiration and tools to plan their dream wedding. 

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