From the photographer: 
I remember my father developing his photos. I remember people on those photos: how they were dressed, how they looked, and how they smiled. When I first met Nastya and Tima, I felt something elusive, something warm, something that comes from childhood. I wanted to make simple, but memorable photos for them. Tima and Nastya are people who shine with happiness. They couldn’t help smiling when looking at each other, and I wanted to portray that atmosphere.

From the planner: 
Nastya and Tima wanted to spend their wedding day among the people who were dearest to them, enjoying good conversation. A cozy rural house, long table, and minimalistic laying were chosen to make it happen. There were tulips and ranunculuses in small vases, and tall candles. Nastya does ceramics, so the crockery was made by her hands. We wanted to show that a small wedding for 12 people can be exquisite. There is a particular charm and atmosphere in those evenings. Arrangement of the wedding was very still since the couple knew exactly what they wanted: laconicism, elegance and no redundancy.

The tone of the evening began with Nastya’s unique (and stunning) blouse, camisole and pants. It looked pretty simple at first glance, but every detail was carefully considered – it took two months and took eight fittings to make. The tulip boquette became the final feature of the bride’s image, and had a special meaning: the first flowers Tima gave Nastya were white plain white tulips. The whole evening was filled with jazz classics and good talk, with a surprise tango (the dance of love), being the main surprise. The evening came to an end with a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Finland.

Photography Antonova Kseniya | Stylist/Planner Now Family |  Floral Design Luzhaika | Hair & Makeup Ekaterina Kurta| Venue Skandinavia Country Club | Candles Nature Shades 


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Weddingforward | Reply

So nice wedding! I love the cozy rural house, long table, and minimalistic laying…Nastya’s unique (and stunning) blouse, camisole and pants are so pretty!

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