Laurie’s DIY project for this week is a stackable cake stand made out of basic terracotta plates and saucers. The possibilities for a project like this are really endless. You could fill them candies, cupcakes, or other desserts and this is absolutely a piece you could use after your wedding for showers or parties you might throw in the future. Laurie, thanks so much for another awesome project!

Also, I wanted to add that the response from the survey this week has been AMAZING. I can’t thank you guys enough for the wonderful suggestions and feedback I’ve recieved so far. More DIY projects was probably the most popular answer in the comment box, so we will definitely be adding more projects over the next few months on Once Wed.

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What You’ll Need:

2 terra cotta saucers
(I used a 7” and a 10” saucer, but you can use any size you like)

2 terra cotta rose pots (The
pots I used are 5” and 6” high. You can use any size as long as
they are taller than the height of your cupcake and frosting.)

2 yards ribbon  (or what
ever it takes to make it around the circumference of your saucer)

Decorative or scrap book paper

Acrylic paint

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Sponge paint brush




Terra cotta pots are available
at most nurseries and home and garden stores.

Cupcakes shown are available
at Hello, Cupcake in Tacoma, WA


1.  Begin by painting
both sides of your terra cotta saucers and only the outside of the terra
cotta rose pots with your acrylic paint and sponge brush (see figure
one and two).   

Paint a second coat if needed.

2.  Allow the paint to
dry completely.

3.  Turn the saucers upside
down and glue the bottom of the rose pots to the back side of the saucers
using your hot glue gun.   Use a generous amount of glue. 
(see figure 3)

4.  When the glue has
dried, turn your cake stands right side up and carefully glue your ribbon
to the edge of your saucers.   (see figure 4)

5.  Cut two circles out
of your paper to line the inside of the saucers.  (see figure

6.  Stack stands and arrange
your cupcakes.   


2 terra cotta saucers $7

2 terra cotta rose pots $3

acrylic paint  $2.50

2 yards ribbon $4

1 sheet paper $1.50

Total =  $18 for two stands


Comments (21)

kelly | Reply

I had no idea looking at the after pics that the stand was terracotta. That’s a huuuuge money saving tip. I love it!

katealtmix | Reply

oh my gosh, i LOVE this! the possibilities are endless and because it’s inexpensive it’s totally ok to experiment!

Erin | Reply

Who would have thought!This is awesome! I cannot even wait to make one.

Rachel | Reply

This is SUCH a fabulous idea! I’ll be linking to this!

Amanda | Reply

This is an awesome idea!
So much cuter than any cupcake/cake stand for sale at stores!

Caitlin | Reply

That is the cutest idea. Good for storage too.

Rileigh | Reply

I think you are brilliant!

Heather @ Southern Weddings | Reply

Great DIY project! It looks great and so easy to do.

Laurenrach | Reply

I went looking for cake plates and this idea blows all the competition out of the water! These will be so nice to make with all my friends! Thanks for the diy idea!

Amber | Reply

I love this idea! Its perfect for any kind of party that you have! I really want to make one!

craftingwithcathair | Reply

This is such a great idea! I’ve been searching for a three tiered dessert stand for months and now I can customize my own. Thanks so much for the great tutorial!

Lucky Bear | Reply

I love this! I am going to make one to use at my charity coffee morning next month. So cute!!!

badger | Reply

Man, that is so freaking clever.


Rebekah at EAD | Reply

Congrats on the Craft magazine mention! I’ve been looking for a low cost cake stand. Love it!

cindy at just the little things. | Reply

This is SOOOOOOOOOO clever. I’ve seen ones where people taped vases to the bottom of plates, but this is definitely cheaper and a good giveaway to guests! Thanks!

Kim | Reply

I was just thinking the other day I’d like a cake stand but hadn’t found any that were pretty enough. Search over!

Heather | Reply

I love this idea! Very clever! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Jessy | Reply

I was looking for a DIY cupcake stand and I found this page via google! -THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am going to do this project this weekend! It’s perfect!

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