I apologize it took me till now to get this post up. I went to jury duty this morning expecting to be released pretty quickly like last time, but found out I’d been summoned for a death penalty case. So, my day was filled with answering questions about gun control, the judicial system, and my thoughs on the death penalty for the defense and prosecution.  After such a mentally exhausting day, it was so nice to come home to something beautiful like Laurie’s weekly DIY post. Enjoy!


What You’ll Need
Ribbon (Any style or width will work. I used a very light-weight
silk.  You will need one length of ribbon, nine times the ribbon width,
for each rosette. My ribbon was one inch wide, so I cut nine inches of
ribbon per rosette.)
A scrap of  heavy-weight crinoline
A fancy button
Heavy-weight thread
A long, thin needle
An object adorn to adorn (a purse, a pair of shoes, a dress sash)
All the materials are available at your local craft or fabric stores.  Ribbon is by May Arts.  Crinoline is often found in the section of the fabric store with the hat making supplies.   Both the shoes and clutch came from Target.
1.  Begin by measuring and cutting a length of ribbon.  Your
ribbon length should be nine times the width of your ribbon.   If you
are using a wired ribbon, you’ll need to remove the wire from the inner
(or bottom) edge.
2.  Start from the back side of the ribbon, and stitch as shown in figure one.
3.  When you have completed your stitching, gently pull your
needle and thread and gather you ribbon tightly.  Knot your thread, but
don’t cut it.  ( See figures 2 and 3).
4.  Form the ribbon into a circle, so the ends overlap.  Run your
needle and thread through the gathers on the back side of the rosette
several times to secure, and knot.   (see figure 4)
5.  Cut a scrap of crinoline slightly smaller than your rosette.
Stitch the crinoline to the back of your rosette.  (see figure 5)
6.  Place your button in the center of the rosette and tack it
down securely.   Be sure to go through the ribbon and crinoline too.
(see figure 6)
7.   Attach your rosette any place that needs a little adornment:
A pair of shoes (see figure 7) an evening bag, a dress sash, or secure
to a barrette or bobby pin and wear in your hair.      To attach the
rosette to the shoes, I stitched it to the preexisting bow.   A hot
glue gun would work as well.    To take the customization a step
further, I pulled out the insole to use as a template.   Next, I traced
around it on the fabric, cut out the fabric and used a spray adhesive
to attach it to the insole and placed it back inside the shoe.
8.  To customized the clutch, I stitched a band of ribbon down
first.  Next I attached the rosette (with several layers of tulle
behind it) on top of the bag’s closure snap using a needle and thread.
What it cost:
Shoes – $9.99
Clutch purse – 14.99
Ribbon – $1.49 per yard  (which is enough to make 4 rosettes)
Buttons – $1.00 – $3.00 each
Crinoline – $2.99 a yard ( which is enough to make hundreds of flowers)
Tulle – $1.29 a yard


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chelsea | Reply

Emily, I think this might be the favorite of her projects. It just darling. Her photography is gorgeous.

Kristin {bridal buzz} | Reply

Love the look of these rosettes! They look fairly easy to construct too! I’m thinking I need to dress up some things i my wardrobe! :)

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

Gorgeous – as always! I’ll put this on my ever growing crafts to-do list.

Rachel | Reply

WOW! I love this! I’ll be linking.

Alana | Reply

Thank you so much!!! I’m going to be making these, though a touch larger, into corsages for my mom and my fiances mom, to wear at our wedding. You rock!

Sylvie | Reply

I tried doing this with 1 inch grosgrain and 1.5 inch single faced satin, this is most likely 1. inch satin to look better on a shoe, since 1 inch is more like big toe adornment!
thanks for the amazing ideas!

Nancy | Reply

Today (February 26) I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that’s OK?


Nancy Ward

ashley | Reply

Thank you so much for this site! This was a huge help to people like me, who learn better by seeing than reading!

Katie | Reply

Fun and easy! I got plain white ballet flats, and they really needed something. So, this worked out perfectly! Thanks for sharing…and as another person posted, thanks for the pictures! I’m a very visual person :)