Laurie has been a crafting maniac this week with the launch of her new fall collection(if you haven’t checked her etsy store….your missing out) and creating this delightful paper latern garland project for Once Wed. How lovely would this banner look hanging on an entryway or possibly above your cake table at the reception? Laurie and I always love feedback and questions, so let us know if you’ve been itching to do a project but are having difficulty executing the idea. We would love to help…


What You’ll Need

6 sheets of scrap-booking paper
( an assortment of coordinating colors)

9 buttons ( with two holes
in the center)

6 yards of waxed string

½ yard of tasseled trim


Needle (with a large eye)




1.  Begin by drawing a
two inch  square on a sheet of paper.  Mark the center of
each side of the square  (see figure 1)

2.  Place the point of
your compass on a center mark on one of the square sides and the pencil
point on the top of that square side. Draw a half circle. ( see
figure two).
    Repeat on remaining sides to create
a four petal flower shape.   This  is the template you
will use to create all six  sides of your lantern.  
(see figure 3)    

3.  Use a pencil and
template to trace nine flower shapes on each sheet of  your scrap-booking
paper.   Carefully cut out the flowers. (see figure 4)
You’ll have a total of  54 pieces. 

4.  Lay each of
the “flowers” patterned side up.    Fold the “petals”
upward and crease. (see figure 5)

5.  Pick one flower shape
in each of your six patterns for your first lantern.

6.  Select two flowers,
and begin by gluing the backs of one petal from each flower together.
Repeat to create a  chain of four flowers.  ( see figure

7.  Glue the backs of
the first and last petal to close the chain and create a ring shape. 
(see figure 7)

8.  Cut a piece of waxed
string approximately 15 inches long and thread it through your needle.   

9.  Cut a tassel from
the trim, and run the needle and string through the hole in the head
of the tassel.   Pull the string through and meet the ends.
Tie a knot approximately ½ of an inch above the tassel head.
Tie another knot approximately ¼ of an inch from where the string ends
meet.  (see figure 8)

10.  Run the tassel and
string though the center the ring so it rests in the corner of one of
the squares.   Take one of your flower shapes, line it up
with a petal from each of the lantern sides and glue.   Make
sure the string remains in the corner with the knot you tied above the
tassel   on the outside of the lantern.    This
will keep string from slipping through the lantern when you hang it. 

11.  Lay the string diagonally
through the center of lantern so it rests in corner of the open side. 
(see figure 9)
  Line up the petals with the remaining flower
shape and glue the last side of your lantern.    Be sure the
end of your strings  are on the outside.   

12.  You’ve completed
your first lantern, now repeat the process 8 more times. 

13.  Cut a length of
waxed string, approximately 6 feet long.    String nine
buttons on the waxed string.  Space them six inches apart, with
a foot of string remaining on each end. (see figure 10)

14.  Hang one lantern
from each button.  (see figure 11)  Hang the garland on a
mantle, above a doorway,  or across the front of a table. 

The budget:

6 sheets of scrap book paper
@ $1.50 each = $9

6 yards of
waxed string @ $.10 = $.60

½ yard of tasseled trim
=  $8

9 buttons = $2

Total project cost =


Laurie, thanks so much for another wonderful project!! Stay tuned for our last guest post from Chelsea….



Comments (5)

*B* | Reply

I’m not much of a "crafter", but I really want to give this a try. :D

loren weltsch | Reply

i am completely addicted to garlands! this is absolutely beautiful.

Sara | Reply

Laurie, this is beautiful. I know exactly where I am going to put mine after craft it.

Katherine | Reply

What a fantastic project! I’ve already bookmarked it :) Thanks to the both of you.

laurie cinotto | Reply

thanks for all the kind words, everyone! glad you enjoyed the project !!

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