Laurie’s project this week is an adorable, flower girl basket made out of a plain ol’ take out container. Laurie covered her basket with specialty paper and paper flower embellishments, but the possibilites of colors and patterns are really endless. Enjoy!


What You’ll Need
A Chinese “Take Out” Favor Box (about 5 inches wide)
2 Yards of 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon
Paper Flowers
A Few Buttons
A Sheet of Decorative Paper
Fresh Blooms or Petals (I use rhododendron blooms)
Paper Glue
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Look for the “take out ” boxes in your local party stores.  The
paper flowers can be found in scrap booking and craft stores.   Paper
flowers are from Kaiser Scrapbook.  Paper is from Basic Grey.


1.  Fold the top flaps inside the box, and glue them down using
your hot glue gun.  Use a small piece of clear tape to tape the handle
in an upright position.  (see figure 1)
2.  Lay one side of your box down on the paper, and trace around
the box.   Cut out along the lines.     Trace and cut out three more
sides.  (see figure 2)
3.  Use your paper glue to adhere the paper to each of the sides of the box.  (see figure 3)
4.  Use your glue gun to attach  a band a ribbon along the top edge of the box.   (see figure 4)
5.  Double your ribbon,  leave the tails hanging in front, and
wrap the ribbon neatly around the metal handle.   When you reach the
end, tack down the ribbon with your hot glue gun and trim any excess
ribbon.  (see figure 4)
6.  Arrange your paper flowers and buttons on the front of the box and attach with your glue gun.   (see figure 5)
7.  Fill your box with petals and blooms to toss.
What it Cost:
Take Out Box – $.99
Ribbon – $1.50
Paper – $.75
Paper Flowers – $1.99
Buttons – from my button jar
Rhododendron – from the yard


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sandy | Reply

That’s a great bargain.

Taylor | Reply

That’s soo pretty!

Lollipop Events & Designs | Reply

I always just adore Laurie’s work! So adorable.

jackie @ bridesandbabes | Reply

So adorable! I love it.

Flower Girl Dresses | Reply

That is such a cute idea for a flower girl basket! Love it.

gelinlikmodelleri | Reply

vooow its wonder foull thanx

Sumgoods, Bi-Coastal Bride | Reply

What a great idea? Baskets can cost a fortune and it’s hard to find a cute little dainty one for the flower girl. This is a perfect solution and for less than ten bucks.

Bridal Favors | Reply

This is an adorable idea! I was a flower girl once (a long time ago!!) and what a wonderful way to make the experience for both bride and flower girl even more special! You can spend the day together, have fun, and be creative! Flower girls miss the bachelorette party, so this is the next best thing :)

Jaclyn | Reply

I love this! I am in the process of making them right now for my three flower girls. Awesome and unique. Much better than the standard satin covered basket… and so easily customizable! Love this.

Fancy Girl Dresses | Reply

What a cute idea! I can’t wait to try this for my wedding in ’11!

forever | Reply

wow! it sounds great!