Laurie’s DIY project from last week was delayed until today, but these adorable place cards are definitely worth the wait in my opinion…


What You’ll Need:
100% Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bags (one per guest)
Card stock
A Set of Number Rubber Stamps
Ink Pad
Swedish Fish (or any other treat to fill your bags)
Sewing Machine
Coordinating Thread
Computer and Printer
Rubber Stamps are from Martha Stewart Crafts  .   Muslin Bags can be found at most craft stores or online at Organza Bagg.   There are also a lot of suppliers on Ebay as well.
1.  Use your computer and printer to print a list of your guests’
names out on card stock.      Cut a name tag out for each guest.    The
tags should be the same width as your muslin bag, and and one inch to
an inch and a quarter high.   You can simplify this process by using
a template from a label program.  (see figure 1)
2. Place the  bottom of the bag on top of the tag so they overlay
by a quarter inch.  Slide both pieces under the sewing machine
foot.  Stitch the bag and the tag together using a medium width stitch.
(see figure 2)
3. Ink up your number stamp, and stamp the appropriate table number on the bag.    (see figures 3 and 4)   Lay flat to dry.
4. When the ink has dried, fill the bag with treats and draw the strings closed. (see figure 5)
5. Make one bag per guest.
Notes:   The table assignments  often aren’t
decided upon until the last minute.  The name tags could be attached to
the bags ahead of time, and the table numbers could be stamped  on at
the last minute, when all RSVPs are in, and table assignments have been
I used the smallest size bag, which only works for single
digits.     If you have more than 9 tables, you’ll have to use a larger
bag, or print the numbers horizontally instead of vertically.
What it Cost:
Muslin Bags $.25 – $.50 each (depending on the quantity  purchased)
Rubber Stamp Set $14.99 (It came with two alphabet styles.  One was dotted, one solid.)
Ink Pad – $3.99
Swedish Fish $4.99 a pound

Thanks, Laurie!


Comments (16)

LS | Reply

Yummy! This is a great idea!

Christine | Reply

Ohh you’ve done it again! I’m adding this project to my wedding to-do list as well! These are so charming! : )

Heather | Reply

I missed her project last week. I hope there will be another one tomorrow…

100 Layer Cake | Reply

So cute! She is so crafty, it’s amazing.

Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

Perfection! I love muslin bags so very much. What a cute idea. I have got to get a sewing machine…

Sasha | Reply

Noooo! Don’t tell me you can buy pre-made favour bags!! I just made my own drawstring bags, out of expensive linen. And it is soooo much work. Sigh.
Anyways – another amazing project Laurie!

Sandra | Reply

Very nice craft idea Laurie! I made something similar a while back using organza bags with little roses on them, I think they are called rosettes. Actually if you are looking for a good variety of bags, such as organza, satin, muslin or burlap bags, you should check out . They have many of colors and sizes to meet many crafting needs.

Rachel | Reply

These are fabulous!

sara-grey | Reply

the number stamps are so cute. Unfortunately I cannot seem to locate them on martha craft website. Any ideas?

Naomi | Reply

What a cute idea! You could even put some lavendar smell in there for your guests to take home and put in their bathroom or kitchen!

Jen | Reply

These are fantastic! Love. And thanks so much for listing the source for muslin bags ? I’ve been trying to find some for projects and just never stumbled upon them.

laurie cinotto | Reply

sara-grey, try looking in stores that carry her craft line (michael’s and walmart)

melanie | Reply

i love how neko case and leonard cohen will be at the wedding. ;)

Missy | Reply

What is the name of the font you used?

laurie cinotto | Reply

Missy, the font is "Rosewood".