Theia Preowned Wedding Dresses

Beautiful Theia Preowned Wedding Dresses
Amazing Theia Preowned Wedding Dresses

About the designer…

Theia, a couture fashion label specializing in the design of couture gowns, was named after the goddess Theia, whose legendary power was the gift of light. Anything she turned her gaze upon glittered and became luminous and radiant. According to legend, Theia imbued gold and silver with their shine and gave diamonds, rubies and emeralds their sparkle. The creative director of Theia is Don O’Neill, whose love of fashion started when he was a young boy. O’Neil was inspired by the designer and couture fashion his mother brought home from Berfdorf Goodman. You can see how much influence O’Neil’s love for couture has had on his career in fashion through his different collections for Theia, specifically the White Collection. The White Collection is a couture fashion line for Theia of bridal dresses, each gown being “meticulously stitched together” creating the perfection for which only a couture gown is known. View our Theia preowned wedding dresses.

Lovely Theia Preowned Wedding Dresses

Are you a Theia Bride?

The Theia White Label has something for, seemingly, every type of bride. O’Neil has designed cocktail length dresses, full-fledged ball gowns, and even a pants suit made of white lace from which brides can choose a perfect gown to fit their style. Despite which silhouette a bride decides on from in the Theia bridal collection, she will be choosing something crafted with her inner goddess in mind. Each dress, with its perfect construction and strong lines, will empower the bride that’s lucky enough to wear it. A Theia bride will be looking for something with impeccable construction, classic lines, and a unique take on the couture bridal gown. Are you a Theia bride?

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Stunning Theia Preowned Wedding Dresses

Buying a Theia Dress

For many women, the dream of wearing a couture wedding gown from a designer like Theia may seem out of reach, but that is no longer the case if you buy a preowned couture dress through Once Wed. If you want to wear a beautifully designed and perfectly crafted dress on your wedding day, look through our collection of preowned Theia wedding dresses to find your perfect match. You can look through all of our preowned Theia wedding gowns and find a silhouette that fits with the style you are trying to achieve for your wedding day and your budget. Buying a preowned Theia wedding dress through us is the perfect way for you to obtain that couture look that Theia is so famous for without paying a couture price. Regardless of whether you decide to buy a Theia gown new or preowned through us, we know when you decide on one of these couture gowns, you’ll feel like a million bucks as you walk down the aisle. Everyone at your wedding will sense your timeless style and impeccable taste when you’re wearing a Theia couture wedding gown. So, we welcome you to look through our collection of preowned Theia wedding dresses to figure out which silhouette suits you and your style for your wedding day!