I’ve realized after blogging for a little over a year how much sucker I am for anything rustic. Yes, the theme has been used a lot recently in weddings, but I still love it and I don’t think anything says more “woodland rustic chic” than a cakstand made out of real wood. Are you throwing an indoor wedding and having diffuculty bringing the outdoors in? How about surprising guests with 4- 5 log stands on a dessert table with mini cakes and pies on top and flowers scattered everywhere?  Laurie, thank you again for such a lovely project!


What You’ll Need
A Cross-Cut Wood Plaque (round or oval)
A Cross-Section of a Tree Limb   (Make sure the top and bottom are parallel)
Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue (or a similar extra strong wood glue)
A Large Wood Clamp
Cross-cut wood plaques can be found in your local craft store or online at Hofcraft.
The come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches in
diameter.   They are usually found in the section with the wood-burning
kits and other wood crafts.  They are clean, sanded and ready to use.
1.  Take your tree limb section and wipe the cut surface clean.
Put a generous amount of extra strong wood glue on the surface. (see
figure 1)
2.  Place the limb section in the center of the back side your
wood plaque and press down firmly.  Wipe away any excess glue with a
clean, damp cloth. (see figure 2)
3.  Place the two joined pieces in a wood clamp and let dry for at
least one hour.   If you don’t have a wood clamp, you can stack a few
heavy books on top of your pedestal until it’s dry.   (see figure 3)
4.  Use your pedestals to display cakes and desserts (see figure
4) or use as a base for a centerpiece.   If you want to place food
directly on the wood surface, coat it first with a food-safe wood
sealer.  If you would like to keep the wood it’s natural color, place a
piece of parchment paper beneath your cake or dessert.
What it Cost
Wood Plaques $3.99 – $5.99 each
Tree Limb – Free from our wood pile!
Wood Glue – $3.35


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Erin | Reply

This is awesome. I think it use it for so much more than weddings too!

MidwestElle | Reply

This is fabulous and it just might fit in with our theme. Thanks!

jackie@bridesandbabes | Reply

The husband would have loved this. Thanks for sharing!

Kristal | Reply

Oh my goodness, that is soooo cute! Sometimes I wish I was having a rustic themed wedding so I could do things like this!

Hanna | Reply

I am totally using this idea! I was looking to do something like this, but now I have a clear visual! Thank you!

Hanna | Reply

Where is a good place to look for the wood plaques?

wedding chicks | Reply

that’s really creative, and adorable!! (:

laurie cinotto | Reply

Hanna..Most craft stores should carry them. I know for sure Michael’s has them.

Penny | Reply

i wish my wedding was rustic too. do you think i could get away with tree cake stands and a nautical theme:)?

Ashley Dernick | Reply

This is terrific! My favorite DIY I have seen!

Carlina | Reply

Adorable! Exactly what my Oct wedding needs. Not to mention it’s being held in a chalet style ski lodge. Think it could hold a 3-tier cake?

Laurie CInotto | Reply

Carlina, the wood glue is really strong,, but I think If i were going to put that much weight on it, I might reinforce it with a wood screw in the center to be safe.

paula | Reply

I am smitten with this idea.

oddsundayd | Reply

We featured this gorgeous log on our blog…so inspiring!

jes | Reply

oooh! i love this project!

Sarah | Reply

This is perfect! Would you be interested in posting it over at It wouldn’t take any extra time at all, since you already have awesome pictures and instructions. Once you do, let me know and I’ll be sure to feature it on our front page!
(let me know if you have any questions!)

jessica | Reply

this is so clever! you have the best ideas, really.

myDIYweddingday | Reply

Oh, how beautiful and unique! I linked back to this from my blog. Thanks!

abby jenkins | Reply

Love! We got married at an arboretum so using similar cake stands (like we did) was a natural. Had friends and family make various cupcake to fill them. Thanks for sharing the link, helpful for people who loved ours.

Celine | Reply

Oh! I wish I had this at my wedding! It’s so beautiful!

Lucky In Love | Reply

Such a great idea. Love it.

Katee Grace | Reply

This is lovely! I absolutely adore this! Wonderful idea and love your directions! What a wonderful idea!

kerry | Reply

too bad you or someone doesn’t make these themselves, b/c i sure would buy one, rather than making it myself… ;)

hillary | Reply

Such a lovely idea!!! Anyone have any ideas where to get a Cross-Section of a Tree Limb?

Kathy Jo Peterson | Reply

I just love the look of these. So innovative!

Kathy Jo Peterson
Owner of

Mindy | Reply

So simple, yet I would never have thought of that. I have to make one of these now… Thanks for the idea!

Edinburgh Wedding Photography | Reply

Hmm, not too sure about these for wedding cakes but I’m sure they could be made into great centrepieces.

forex robot | Reply

good article as usual!

woodmayLea | Reply

of course I fell in love with this, but was finding it difficult to find wood plaques like that or tree branches.. i live in an apartment.. craigslist fixed the second issue, and joann’s fabrics has the wood plaques, search basswood plank.. for 9.99.. with 40% off coupon, looks like 6 bucks. awesomeness!!!!

sarah | Reply

I love this and I am definitely going to make these!

Brooke Thetincat | Reply

Wonderful Creative idea
We love it !

Kathie Lichtenwalter | Reply

Living in the woods on the edge of a small town, I was dumbfounded that people wondered “where to get wood plaques.” They come from trees. The woods out back!! My future daughter-in-law, a horticulture major, and I campe up with this idea sitting around the dining room table, the husband of our decorator is going to cut the logs and glue them together. The reception coordinator overheard the idea and found a picture so he woudl know what we were asking!!! So if you want to find a store to buy them–fine. We’re going out back . . .

Beth | Reply

Does anyone one where I could get those birds found atop the cake?? Thanks so much!!!!

Tania Tangri | Reply

Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I made a cake stand following your instructions and linked to your site from my blog.

Here is the cake stand I made..

Stephanie | Reply

We had a similar one that was flat but we burned our wedding date and the words “happily ever after” into it and made it into a clock afterwards!

Shaunna | Reply

Don’t you have to treat the wood?