Chelsea posted this lovely wedding designed by D’Ette Cole on Frolic
this morning and I couldn’t resist posting more details here on Once Wed(we both must have apples on the brain!). There are so many fun and fresh ways to incorporate apples into your own wedding decor or palette. You can go the route
Chelsea showed us in “An Orchard Wedding”
with baskets full of apples for a casual, fall wedding or possibly more
modern like the wedding above with towers of crisp, green apples.


Comments (6)

Ellie | Reply

Oh I love these! My aunt and uncle have a catering business that also does really cool things with apples – they cover tables with granny smiths and cover them with a (raised) piece of glass to make a table. Then they top it with bright green appletinis! You can see a photo at

Susan | Reply

Even though I love the modern feel of this wedding…I still love Chelsea’s orchard table the best!

Denisa | Reply

I wish I could see more of her dress. It looks fabulous!!

Laura E @ Southern Weddings | Reply

I love to see fruit incorporated in wedding themes. Awesome post.

Emma | Reply

I was thinking of going a green apple theme for my wedding becasue the man i am going to marry, his last name is applegate! what do you think??

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