Paper Pew Wreath
“With their whispery petals and luminous silver centers, the tissue-paper flowers that bloom on this wintry wreath look as if they were plucked from a fairy tale. Perhaps more magical is the fact that this inexpensive pew decoration won’t wilt or fade, so you can make as many as you need well ahead of time.”

Supplies and Tools
Low-temperature hot-glue gun
About 5.5 feet of 1-inch-wide silver double-faced satin ribbon
6-inch styrofoam disk(1 inch thick)
White tissue paper
20mm and 30mmm silver-ball floral ornaments
White floral tape

1. Cut out center of disk,leaving 1.5-inch-wide ring. Hot-glue ribbon to inner and outer edges of ring.
2. Make flowers; you’ll need about twenty for one wreath: For one flower,trace a round objecton tissue paper to create a 3-inch circles; cut out. Stack circles; poke wire end of one or two floral ball ornaments through center. Slide circles up wire, ruffling them as you go, to shape petals. Wrap base of flower and wire with floral tape; trim stem to 1.5 inches.
3. To secure each flower to wreath, apply a dab of hot glue on ring, insert stem through glue into foam, and press flower base onto glue. Leave a 1-inch gape bare for hanging ribbon. Loop a 24-inch length of ribbon around wreath at gap; spread petals adjacent flower to cover(add flowers if needed). To hang, tie ribbon ends, and slip over removable self-adhesive hook placed upside down inside pew(check with church about restrictions first).

{Photos and project c/o Martha Stewart Weddings}


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