diy wedding favor box

One of the most rewarding benefits of writing Once Wed by far is all the incredibly talented people I’ve come across in the blog world. Livy Kanaley is one of those individuals and her blog, A Field Journal, is definitely a favorite of mine. Her craft tutorials are always inspiring and I really admire her thoughtful approach to every project she undertakes. The dollhouse project she is working on currently is amazing and I am so anxious to see the finished product. I would highly suggest checking out her blog for ideas and eye candy galore. Livy was kind enough to create a DIY project just for Once Wed in celebration of Valentine’s Day and I adore the little favor boxes she came up. Thanks, Livy!

diy flower wedding favor box

diy wedding favor box


{1} Card stock box cut-out. Download the template here and follow the instructions on the template sheet.
{2} Assortment of paper flowers with wired stems in complementary colors, a range of sizes works best, though all should be towards the small end of the spectrum. I found most of the ones used at my local craft store for $1-2 a bunch.
{3} Pen {4} Skeleton leaves, available at craft stores, in the scrapbooking/paper crafting section
{5} Pin {6} Strip of plain white paper, several inches wide
{7} Bone folder {8} Scissors {9} Length of 3/8″ wired ribbon
{10} Glue stick {11} Decorative edge punch

cheap diy wedding favorsInstructions

{1} Using a bone folder and ruler score and fold box cut-out (use the printed template as a reference),
{2} Glue tabs to sides starting with the bottom of the box.
{3} If necessary use the bone folder to apply pressure to tabs as the glue adheres and dries.
{4} Gather a small bunch of paper flowers, forming them into a dome-like arrangement. Secure with a small piece of wire (you can trim a piece from one of the stems).
{5} Trim stems to desired length – remember they’ll be inserted into the box, so they should be relatively short depending on what you want to put inside the box. Using wired ribbon, wrap stems to completely conceal them.
{6} Fasten ribbon with pin.
{7} Punch along the edges of the strip of plain white paper, and write desired message or name of recipient down the center.

{8} Fold top flaps of box as shown.{9} Insert bouquet into opening in box, and affix the white paper banner using a glue stick.


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