Happy Menocal Watercolor Wedding Save The Date Std Farm Pink Grey Gray White Chicken Pineapple Crest

Happy Menocal Watercolor Invitation Crest Chickens Pineapple Fruit Pink Grey Gray Farm Wedding

Happy Menocal Watercolor Wedding Suite Crest Farm Wedding Chickens Pineapple Pink Gray Grey

While we’re on a roll with wedding stationery ideas for you over the last few weeks, we just had to share one more invitation suite from our Once Wed Magazine. We love it so much. This quirky, playful suite was hand-painted in watercolor by Happy Menocal. (What an appropriate name, right??) It has such a fun color palette. Can you imagine what the wedding might be like??

Photos by Jose Villa


Comments (10)

Alice | Reply

Lovely stationery.

megan | Reply

That is really pretty stationery.

Amara | Reply

Love the colour scheme, and the designs are so delicate! Perfect.

Lexy | The Proper Pinwheel | Reply

I need to get married again. I’m smitten with the design and color. Thanks for the inspiration! Shared in my finds today:


cheyenne | Reply

these are gorgeous!
thanks for sharing these. on a non-wedding note: i’ve been wanting to practice my watercoloring for a while now, and happy menocal’s works are perfect examples!
xo, cheyenne

caroline | Reply

i’m absolutely in love. was each invite really hand-watercolored? that is incredible, if so!


naomi | Reply

Simply stunning. I’m in awe of the talent that is required to create something so beautiful.

Patricia Zolten | Reply

I love this invite but is it possible to do it with the same colors and not the chickens. Thanks!

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