Bread Place Setting

Check out this simple, unique and beautiful bread place setting idea for your wedding. Easy to do and perfect in presentation, this place setting will offer the perfect touch to your reception tables. Feel free to play around with this idea using different objects that have meaning and significance to you. You can find more images like this bread place setting in our gallery.

Photographer: Jose Villa // Styling: Joy Thigpen


Comments (2)

Domestica | Reply

So cute and creative!

Nicole | Reply

Hi! I’m having a hard time getting you to respond to my emails. I pre-ordered the magazine over 4 months ago and never received it. You’ve asked twice for my address in emails regarding this, but I still haven’t received anything! Not sure if my emails are going in your junk box. I’ve been trying to resolve this with you for 7 weeks now and my wedding is in a month and a half. I would really like to receive this magazine and I’ve already paid. Please help!


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