Diy Wedding Hairpiece Ideas

First we raided our local vintage/antique/flea market for [affordable] delicate gold broaches and pins. Then we pinned up little twists (something like A Cup of Joe’s Three twisted buns tutorial from a while ago). Then we just arranged and nestled in the pins and broaches, securing them with bobby pins.

Makeup by Raney O’Keefe


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Vanessa | Reply

From where is that dress?

joythigpen | Reply

Vanessa, this one was just a top but we’ve got a round up coming up tomorrow with some current offerings and dresses like this. :)

JenniferM | Reply

the bun tutorial link does not appear to be working…

emily | Reply

thanks for the heads up! should be working now :)

Wedding Invitations | Reply

This hair accessory looks great and if you use a vintage brooch as part of it, this could be your ‘something old’

half orange photography | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous! One of the most inspiring idea’s we’ve seen in a while.

Alberta | Reply

Very sweet! Love the natural colour combinations.

plane tickets | Reply

When you have mined the ancient wealth of these Playground, you could have a decision to make.

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