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If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use Wedding Registry website you should definitely check out our sponsor, SimpleRegistry. Really, when it comes to wedding registry, it makes so much sense to keep things simple and have one registry service, right? With SimpleRegistry you can add anything to your registry, giving you the freedom do redeem your gifts as cash and decide where, when and how to arrange the purchase of your gifts!

If you are interested, check out their website and get started here!

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Comments (4)

melissa | Reply

I love the idea of registering for anything, anywhere, but not that you redeem everything for cash. If someone wanted to give me cash, then they would. It seems a little backhanded. Just my two cents, if two cents are allowed.

Annie | Reply

I’m just starting the registry process, and I was bummed to find out a few stores I liked didn’t have registry sites. This sounds like a fantastic solution. I’ll definitely check it out.

melissa | Reply

I guess it’s not that different than honeymoon registries, which I also love in theory. I would probably have stressed out about making sure I spent everyone’s money on the item they allocated it for, which would have been become a logistically nightmare.

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