I’ve got a brand new “Beyond the Big Day” column over on Design*Sponge this morning, thanks to Jesse from Our Labor of Love and Ashley of The Flashdance. We had so much fun coming up with this festive pancake breakfast. It’s filled with lots of DIY ideas and is the perfect solution for a sweet and simple bridal shower. Click here to see the full story and lots more eye candy…



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Kendra | Reply

Beautiful! Any chance you’re looking to get any of those fab tins of your hands?

Dandelion & Grey | Reply

SUCH a sweet idea! I love pancakes..this would be great for a day after wedding breakfast!

anna | Reply

I just emailed this to my mom, I think we are going to have a pancake party for our annual meal after Easter vigil mass. Because pancakes at midnight taste even more delicious than pancakes in the morning! Thanks for the inspiration.

Tessa | Reply

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously. You ladies rocked it!!!

Elizabeth M. | Reply

so freakin adorable. ugh, i can’t even stand it. where do you guys find all these goodies in atlanta? i always end up empty handed wherever i go.

Elle | Reply

Ranunculas are my favorite flower! Even if I’m not sure I spelled that right! The color scheme of this is just so lovely!!!
Its also such a great idea for a bridal shower! No offense to all of my married friends…but I’m getting a little sick of the traditional shower.

almalu | Reply

his is sooooooo lovely!!adorable!

Budget Bride | Reply

Always happy to learn about new wedding ideas. Thank you!

steph | Reply

so amazing the pancakes are perfect

bridal girl | Reply

Thanks for the ideas. Love the idea of a pancake wedding.

paige appel | Reply

absolutely perfect! xo

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

oh this is amazing! love the setting so adorable!

carly mccray | Reply

This palette and shoot makes my heart happy! Love it.

Terrah | Reply

LOVE how much was accomplished with paper and string. Truly beautiful and inspirational.

Diggin’ this blog… off to wonder abouts… feel free to stop by my blog on destination weddings: http://www.weddingsbylegacytravel.com/

Sarah | Reply

Adorable – for little or big kids! Now I want pancakes!

Mnemonique | Reply

beautiful, lovely and, as I suppose, yummy!