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Julie recently sent in her kraft paper invitations and I was really impressed with the originality behind the whole suite and the price tag, so I asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing a quick “how to” with us…

Our budget for the invites was very small. I would have loved to use
letterpress or had something screen printed but due to the quantity and
price it just wasn’t feasible (only needed 20 invitations). I was a
little overwhelmed at the prospect of designing the invites so I tried
not to take it too seriously. I was really inspired by Hatch Show Print
as well as from a little button pack I got for Christmas from my
sister. The invites and envelopes were printed on my work’s laserjet on
heavyweight kraft paper. My friend Rachel helped sew the material to
the cards. I designed the buttons and ordered them from and online
company. Minus the rush shipping, (I’m a huge procrastinator and waited
until last minute to order the paper and buttons) I made the invations
for under $50. The buttons were ordered from Mod Buttons ( and the paper was from Jam Paper (
The paper was pretty overpriced but I wanted the side flap envelope and
that was the only site I could find the “matching set” of paper and
. Oh and I” borrowed” my wording for my rsvp card from an
invite I saw on oncewed.

***I don’t think I’ve ever officially announced this on the blog, but I love receiving images of diy projects, invitations, std’s, real weddings, etc, from readers in my inbox. The creativity in this group is amazing and I always enjoy seeing what everyone is up to. If you are interested in submitting any of the above for a feature on the blog, just shoot me an email at oncewed at gmail dot com. Thanks!***

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7 Responses to “Kraft Paper + Buttons”

  1. liz

    who did you order your buttons from? and where did you get your paper/envelopes?

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. Melanie

    These are super original and fun! Love the buttons at the bottom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful invitations.

  3. Erin Woolsey

    These are so relaxing and creative! I love the buttons and the envelopes with the printing on the backside. What a nice alternative and great on the budget :D

  4. Kara

    I’ve been needing inspiration in the invitation area and I think I finally found it. I really needed this post.

  5. Claudia

    I cant believe it!! I had the same idea :) Exepct mine are for my Save the dates! I ordered the same kraft paper and same side end envelopes (from another site) and was inspired as well by Hatch Show Print :) …down to the "pointing hand" (mine is on the mailing envelope). I am so glad that yours came out so well, I cant wait to print mine out!! I too spent under $50, for 100 invites/envelopes!!


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