One of my favorite wedding photographers, Elizabeth Messina, just
launched an incredible blog, Kiss The Groom. Elizabeth’s photos
are nothing short of incredible and I am so excited about the
opportunity to follow her work more closely. This is one blog I
would definitely add to your reader asap.


Comments (7)

Tina | Reply

I love her photographs. I am so glad she has started a blog. Thanks for the heads up.

Leslie | Reply

What a lovely image. I am heading over there now and just added it to my blog reader.

Amy | Reply

The shoes on her home page are enough to make me swoon!

Daniel89 | Reply

Yes, I am so glad to hear she finally launched a blog. I adore her work so much and so wish I could afford her to shoot my wedding.

Mary | Reply

Such an amazing photo. Does she shoot film?

Lyndsay | Reply

Just checked out the site and it is rockin. You always link to the greatest sites. Thanks for sharing.

Sweet & Saucy | Reply

So glad I found your blog! Love your posts!

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