Rustic Table Trend


I’m pretty amazed how quickly Joy was able to put together the concept behind this table and was blown away once I saw the saw finished product. It was a pretty simple project and next time we will definitely have a break down of the whole process from start to finish with a guide, but I hope the amazing images taken by Jesse and Whitney of Our Labor of Love will give you a pretty good idea of what went into it. The supplies we used to create the centerpiece were bendable wire from lowes, 3 different shade of burlap, and a glue gun. We cut the wires in 20′ inch strips and twisted the different strips of burlap around the wires hot gluing in between twists and at the ends to secure the fabric. We made about 25 pieces to create the centerpiece above and only spent about $15 on fabric and still had a lot left over, so if your looking for a cheaper alternative to fresh flowers than the centerpiece above might me a good option for you. Joy collected sticks from outside and twisted the pieces of burlap covered wire around sticks and beeswax candles. We also had a some mini birch logs laying around, so we incorporated those to hold the thicker beeswax candles and our table number.


We took fishing wire and strung antique chandlier crystals on the ends of the branches to add a little bling. This of course is optional and may not work depending on your vision for the day, but it is a great way to add a bit of glamour without it being over the top. Abany of Brown Linen Goods created the placecards and table number with kraft paper. The table number is actually just a simple piece of kraft paper with strips of antique hymnal paper glued around the edge, but I love how it complements the rustic feel perfectly.


We decided to add a few pinecones to give it a bit more of woodland/rustic feel and Joy found some great discounted fleckled gold votives at Cost Plus to surround the centerpiece with.


Overall, we were very pleased with the final result and forever grateful to Jesse and Whitney of Our Labor of Love who took time out of their busy schedule to shoot the table for us and the yummy resturant, Parish, for letting us borrow their beautiful building for the day.

[Images c/o Our Labor of Love]

18 Responses to “Rustic Table Trend”

  1. Catherine

    This is absolutely amazingly beautiful. The last image with the sunlight is crazy cool. Great job you guys!

  2. Jessie14

    Every time I come to your blog I change my wedding theme I feel like. Know I want rustic feel after seeing this lovely table.

  3. Melanie P.

    Burlap is so great and versatile. I love how you glued it on bendable wire to twist into a centerpiece. Genius!

  4. Britt

    Rustic has been done so much, but it is so easy to see why. Its is elegant without being stuffy. I really like what your doing with the blog

  5. Kirsten

    I really like it, but I can see how it would easily catch on fire. Not too practical.

  6. Daniel

    I think it’s lovely and totally practical. Maybe you only light the thicker beeswax candles if you worried about fire safety, but I think it looks great.

  7. Bridget

    Burlap is such a great material to work with especially because its so cheap but it can get messy so be prepared to clean up quite a bit after crafting.

  8. Claire

    I wanted to use long candles in my wedding to, but im worried about the fire hazard too. I was thinking of doing a mix though and keeping the longs and only lighting the short ones. Its so hard to know what to do though. Ughh.

  9. MsTeacherLady

    Absolutely gorgeous! In terms of the fire issue: your venue might make this decision for you. I started collecting vintage silver candelabras to use as centerpieces without even considering the possibility that my venue might say no. They cited the fire hazard and suggested I use the flameless variety, which (in my opinion) look fine as pillar candles but silly as tapered ones. I’m noticing, though, that your centerpieces here look awesome unlit. Has anyone ever used unlit candles as part of your centerpieces? Or have any thoughts on that look in general? I’d appreciate someone else’s opinion! Sorry for the obnoxiously long post…

  10. LaurenRach

    Oh my! This is so very lovely and inspiring! I will certainly make use of some of these ideas at my upcoming wedding!


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