Val & Brett II

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[Images c/o Robert Sukrachand]

20 Responses to “Val & Brett II”

  1. Davis

    The cactus bride and groom shot is too cute. Robert, you did a great job of capturing this couple.

  2. Pulak

    Why oh why are all the most beautiful wedding venues in California? So so jealous!

  3. Mallory

    Incredible. This wedding makes my heart so happy and I’m not even engaged.

  4. kristen

    did val and brett ask guests to wear white? if so i’m loving this idea – i always thought it was so odd that only the bride white – why not everyone!!!

  5. Valerie

    Thanks for all your nice comments! We did ask the ladies to wear white, which was met with some resistance at first but we think it looked great. We thought the contrast of the ladies in white and the men in dark colors would work really well in the desert. We were very happy with how it turned out!

  6. sonja

    love the pictures, especially the group shots and the cactus. Looks like you had an awesome wedding!


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