Philosophy Flowers and Heather Payne Floral Workshop

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You may remember seeing the DIY Concrete Candle post with Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers and Heather Payne Photography earlier this month.  Today the duo is back with an invitation to create with them in person in the beautiful mountains of Boone, North Carolina.  During the flower workshop attendees will sample hundreds of spring flowers and get hands-on instruction in building arrangements and perfecting them for the camera.  Students will create individual pieces that will be shot by Heather on film for personal portfolios and the class will come together as “Team Flower” to create a stunning group editorial piece!

Kelly has also booked some amazing guest speakers who will share apps to help you maximize your business, wardrobe essentials for the modern florist, tips on styling to sell and getting your work published, and quick culinary delights for when you’re so busy petal pushing that you don’t have time to eat!

We love that Kelly has planned a thoughtful, inclusive workshop that will teach students practical floral design skills and keys to building a strong business and a fulfilling life!  Take advantage of this wonderful, affordable opportunity while there are still seats!  Class limit: 12.  Learn more by visiting or email Kelly directly at to reserve your space.

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Jose Villa Italy Workshop Welcome Dinner

Jose Villa workshops always seem like such a dream, and we’re so glad that we can call Jose a great friend and we’re privy to his talent and sweet spirit. Last year, Jose hosted his workshop in Italy along with FlowerwildLaurie Arons Special Events and TEAM Hair and Makeup. We’re honored to share these gorgeous images from their welcome dinner on the first night of the workshop. Laurie and Kate of Flowerwild have some beautiful words on their inspiration and tips on how to recreate the look for your own wedding.

From Laurie of Laure Arons Special Events:

The design for our welcome dinner was inspired by the juxtaposition of Villa Cetinale’s regality and the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Tara Jones hand-sketched a rendering of the majestic Villa, which A Day in May printed in white foil on kraft paper menus for the welcome dinner. We debuted Casa de Perrin’s ornately carved Florentine chargers on simple wood farm tables to strike the balance between rustic and elegant. Hundreds of white and ivory taper candles cast a golden glow over it all.

Words from Kate of Flowerwild:

The inspiration for some things can be so simple, and in this case it really was…I had been pulling images of church altar candles while doing research… mostly because I just love them. Something so meditative and soothing about an abundance of candlelight. Long thin tapers, the puddles of wax… the still image of such a thing, still tells the story of time passing. Of light changing, moving, evaporating.
Jose loved one of the images I had put on the main design board of these super skinny tapers- and we simply took that tiny thread and made it the centerpiece of the welcome dinner. One beautiful, long table, in a sort of cavernous, soft whitewashed room, littered with an abundance of these slender tapers. I masked the base of the candles with lichens, moss and floral then just dappled smaller bits of white flowers amongst the candles. Definitely a more simplistic and unfettered table than I’m used to composing in my head. A great exercise in restraint for me and I love the clean lines and softness of this look. It feels inviting…
I felt a little spoiled or just totally pampered, being able to sit at a table I actually worked on with friends and alongside my husband. We ate a wonderfully prepared meal, saw Jose light up the room with his charisma,  and listened to the various stories of all the attendees – their life paths, their passions and what led them to this moment in time… A long, candlelit table in the middle of the tuscan countryside with fields and fields of olive trees encircling us.

It’s a simple tabletop look anyone can achieve with a few simple items.

1. Raw white washed linen runner. -You cantcut this to size yourself, wash and dry, and you’re done!
2. A multitude  of 1/4 inch tapers – you can source these at creative candles.
3. A couple of long rectangular or oval trays.
4. Moss
5. 2 bunches white flowers like delphinium, white spray roses, hydrangea or stock.
6. 3-5 bud vases.

Vendors from the entire workshop: Guest Speaker: Shira Savada Of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine | Guest Speaker: Summer Watkins | Guest Speaker: Joel Serrato | Guest Speaker: Laurie Arons Special Events | Models: I Love Management And Casting Italy | Graphic Design And Printing: A Day In May Design | Calligraphy: Tara Jones Calligraphy | Leather Work And Brass Tags: Amber Moon Of Pitbulls And Posies | Design And Planning: Laurie Arons Special Events | Chargers: Casa de Perrin | Special Assistant And Decor: Tomasso Of La Rosa | Creative Direction And Design: Kate Holt Of Flowerwild | Venue: Villa Cetinale | Wardrobe Stylist: Summer Watkins | Hair And Makeup: TEAM Hair & Makeup | Car: Zephyrus Sienna | Veil: Preston Olivia | Gown: Reem Acra From Gabriella Bridal | Gown: Samuelle

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Winifred Bean Audrey Wedding Dress

From Camille at The Dress Theory:

We envisioned organic yet sophisticated styling for Winifred Bean’s “Audrey” dress. We love this dress for the sweep of the cowl back, the soft structure of the silk crepe, and the simplicity of the design. The twisted low bun styled by Heidi and Amy’s signature “no makeup” makeup brilliantly complimented the dress and created a look that is natural and romantic. This look would pair beautifully with an overgrown bouquet of spring flowers. Bryce’s light and airy photographs captured the vision flawlessly, and the emotion that glows in his images is the perfect finishing touch.

Dresses: The Dress Theory | Photography: Bryce Covey | Makeup: Amy Clarke | Hair: Heidi Marie Garrett

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Wedding Registry with SimpleRegistry

We adore innovative ideas that make planning a wedding and getting married easier. There is already so much involved in planning a wedding and working out the details regarding the actual  marriage that sometimes the fun stuff, like registering for gifts, becomes a hassle. It can be frustrating to trek from store to store to register for all of the things you want or need, and then you inevitably end up going back a few weeks after the wedding to deal with returns and exchanges. Most of the time, you don’t even need all of the stuff you’ve registered for because you’re forced to register at stores you wouldn’t normally choose. Well, our sponsor, SimpleRegistry has revolutionized the act of registering for wedding gifts!

SimpleRegistry allows for you to register for literally anything! You can register for that toaster you’ve always dreamt about at the same time as skydiving lessons! You don’t have to choose between experiences and things; you can have both!

Setting up your registry is fun and easy with SimpleRegistry. You can use a plugin, like the “pin it” button on your bookmark bar to register online from any store on the web. SimpleRegistry has also created a mobile app that allows you to scan barcodes and take pictures of things you want to register for.

Your friends and family will love SimpleRegistry too because big ticket items can be split between people, and your friends can contribute however much they feel comfortable with. SimpleRegistry also helps track of who you’ve thanked by generating a list of guests, the gifts they gave, and their contact information so you can send notes!

If you have a hard time knowing what to register for, SimpleRegistry lets you share your registry with your friends who may love shopping or just have similar taste. They can go in and suggest registry items for you, and you have the luxury to choose which items you’ll keep on the registry and pass on the ones you’re not too sure about.

The best part about SimpleRegistry, besides the fact the the whole world is literally at your fingertips, is that after your wedding, your entire registry is redeemed as cash. That way you don’t have to worry about the fact that the camera you registered for is now out of date. Just take the cash and buy the newest model!

We are absolutely mesmerized by this innovative idea, and we hope that all of you out there getting married will consider SimpleRegistry for your wedding registry!

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