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Engagement rings… don’t we all dream about the perfect ring and fantasy proposal? Once you get it, that ring means the world to you. So have you ever thought about protecting it, or what that may mean? Oftentimes, jewelry insurance is forgotten in the joy of the moment and may be an afterthought (once your ring is already gone). So, we’re happy to introduce our newest sponsor, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Jewelers Mutual is an insurance provider of Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance that specifically covers personal jewelry. They’ve been kind enough to educate us on some of the myths associated with jewelry insurance to help you ensure that your ring is protected!

Myth #1: I don’t need additional insurance because my engagement ring is automatically covered on my homeowners/renters policy. Frequently, homeowners insurance covers only a small dollar amount for jewelry loss unless you have attached a floater or rider to your policy. Look for a company that offers broader coverage than standard homeowners or renters policy, and one that’s specifically for jewelry, like Perfect Circle™ Jewelry Insurance because if you have to take out a jewelry insurance claim, it may potentially affect your homeowners policy premiums or eligibility.

Myth #2: My homeowners coverage includes jewelry damage or loss, regardless of the reason the jewelry is missing. Typical homeowners policies do not cover mysterious disappearance. Make sure to double check on this!

Myth #3 In the event of a jewelry insurance claim, I can use the jeweler of my choice to handle the replacement, regardless of the insurance provider. Not always true, as many insurers require you to work with their preferred replacement company. Jewelers Mutual provides you with the flexibility to work with your jeweler of choice for repair or replacement.

Myth #4 I had my jewelry items appraised when I first got them. Is there really a need to have them re-valued? If it’s been a while since you’ve had your values updated, your jewelry may be worth more now than when it was originally purchased. Now may be a good time to visit your jeweler to have your jewelry values reviewed and determine if you have proper coverage. This also gives the jeweler the opportunity to check for any damage or wear and tear that could result in loose stones (and lost diamonds!).  Ask them for a professional cleaning as well. You’ll leave with jewelry that’s sparkling line new and have the peace of mind that it’s in good condition and properly valued.

Now that you have a clearer understanding about insuring your ring, visit Perfect Circle Insurance or call 888-884-2424 to find out more information about the importance of jewelry insurance! You’ll feel much more at ease about wearing that gorgeous diamond, once you know it’s properly insured!

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

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Elegant Tuscany Villa Wedding

My husband proposed to me in the Tuscan countryside 2 years prior and I could see no place more beautiful and fitting to bring or rather force our close friends and family to come and celebrate!

The one word to describe our wedding was magical.  From the venue, to the weather, our friends and family, the entire experience, down to the very last detail, everything was pure magic.  We spent an entire week with 30 of our close friends and family at the farmhouse, Podere Finerri, where we would also be wed.  We were wed among the property’s olive trees in an intimate ceremony, officiated by my husband’s sister. Typical of Tuscan summers, the days prior were blazing hot but as if by design, the clouds gently rolled in to provide our guests relief from unrelenting sun during the ceremony and just as gently, parted in time for the most beautiful sunset during our reception.  We sat there amongst our close friends and family, enjoying speeches, amazing food, toasting with Tuscan wine, with the sun setting over the Tuscan hills as a backdrop.  Our reception was followed by a night of dancing under the stars that lasted until 4 in the morning! And I’m told this was followed by a late night/early morning dip for those that lasted!  It really was our kind of party, in every possible sense and there could not have been a more lovely welcome to our new lives.

Our wedding festivities were capped off with a post-wedding celebration of wine and pizza by the pool!  Removed from all the stresses of our wedding day, we and all our guests could truly relax as we lounged poolside, sipped on bubbly and splashed around in the pool.  I’ll never forget the feeling of total and complete contentment I felt as I hugged my husband at the ledge of the infinity pool as we watched the sun set and turned back to see all our closest friends and family laughing, relaxing, and soaking it all in.   It was as though in that moment of clarity, nothing else mattered and everyone was exactly where they should be.

Wedding Coordination: Events by Jackie Santos | Photography: Tec Petaja | Videography: Lightbulb Studios | DJ: DJ Constant (Connie Kim) | Bride’s dress: Reem Acra | Groom’s suit: Giorgio Armani | Venue: Podere Finerri (The Lazy Olive) in Asciano, Tuscany, Italy | Calligraphy: Bride

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Bryce Covey Photography

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Bryce Covey for a while now. He collaborates with stylists, make up artists, and wedding designers around the country to produce some of the most beautiful photography work we’ve seen, and we have absolutely loved featuring tutorials, styled shoots, and weddings from Bryce. He is one of the foremost wedding photographers in the country, and in addition to featuring some of his timeless photography here on Once Wed, we are thrilled to bring him on board as a new sponsor!

Based out of New York City and Los Angeles, Bryce works with couples to capture the real emotion and true beauty of a wedding day. As a fine art wedding photographer, Bryce chooses to shoot film to create some of the most gorgeous images we’ve ever seen. The light and soft quality of the images he produces is unmatched. Bryce Covey is one of our favorite film photographers, and we’re so excited he is one of our new sponsors!

If you’re considering hiring a fine art film photographer for your wedding day, we highly recommend Bryce. He’s available for travel within the United States as well as abroad. He just got back from shooting a wedding in Spain, which we’re sure is absolutely stunning! He loves traveling and is always up for it; so consider him as your photographer for your local or destination wedding.  Visit Bryce Covey’s beautiful website to learn more about him and his work!

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DIY Halo Braid Tutorial with Frou Frou Ribbon


So, if you’re plugged into the wedding world at all (and if you’re visiting Once Wed, you probably are), we’re sure you’ve seen a lot about more Frou Frou Chic floating around the web and instagram since we posted a giveaway introducing the new handmade ribbon line a few weeks ago. Ginny Au and her step-mother Heather Cowie created this absolutely stunning line of hand died silk ribbon, and we couldn’t be more excited by the fact that they are choosing to share about Frou Frou Chic here on Once Wed.

Ginny, the marketing and styling guru behind the lovely Frou Frou Chic brand, teamed up with one of our absolute favorite hair stylists, Joanna Ballentine, to create a couple of hair tutorials inspired by Frou Frou Chic ribbon. Wearing ribbon in your hair is not just for little girls anymore, although this would look absolutely precious on any little girl. Ginny and Joanna worked together to design this chic and gorgeous halo braid hairstyle that would be beautiful for any bride on her wedding day.

Isn’t the way they braided the ribbon into the hair absolutely darling? We simply love this classic and bohemian-inspired halo braid for a bride looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding updo. Let us know if you feel bold enough to try this flawless look out for your wedding because we’d love to see how this works out for our brides. Visit Frou Frou Chic today to pick up your hand died silk ribbon to polish off the look!


Steps for braided Frou Frou:

1. Prep hair to give texture and hold. We used Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray- it gives an undone messy look. Start from either side above the ear (or over) and begin braiding with your choice of braid technique.

2. Continue braiding loosely around the shape of the head- bobby pin as you go to keep in place.

3. Complet the braid at either the temples or continue the braid around like a crown. Tuck the end in between the hair and pin.

4. We then took a 1/2 inch frou frou chic ribbon and folded it in half, hooked a bobby pin on it and anchored the ribbon in the hair by weaving in the bobby pin in the hair (hidden).

5. Then we weaved the ribbon through the braid. We used our hands for this step and weaved it in a random pattern. Step back and look at it every once in a while to make sure the ribbon is weaved through symmetrically. Also- make sure the ribbon is loose through the hair to make it look fuller.

6. As you get to your end, tuck the ribbon and pin- then spray to lock in your look!

Photography by Joanna Ballentine | Hair and styling by Joanna & Molly of irrelephant| Ribbon by froufrou

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