Celebratory Anniversary Photo Session

While we obviously love weddings and everything that comes along with the planning and the preparation, what we truly love is marriage. Marriage is an incredible gift, something that Amelia and Ben have started to learn about in their first year of marriage. This sweet couple has an almost unbelievable story (see it at the bottom of this post), and after several struggles in their first year of marriage, they decided to celebrate this beautiful gift with an anniversary photo session. It doesn’t hurt that they have style in spades, but we also love that you can really see some of the strongest aspects of their relationship through these photos: a sense of comfort, admiration for each other, and a flirtatious sense of humor.  

From the couple:
“Ben and I met at a clothing store where I was working. I rang him up on my last day. He asked me what my plans were and I told him that I was flying off to Maui to attend Bible college the next month. He left the store with both of us smiling. We never introduced ourselves; he was just one of the many people in line on that busy Saturday. The month passed and I was living in Maui. I happened to be at church one day helping set up a wedding with my roommate. As we were cleaning up the stage I was going on and on about this handsome guy I met one time.

In the middle of my story, I looked up and in walks the “handsome guy.” The sun was coming through the church doors and it was as if he was part of a dream. I looked at my roommate and in disbelief I said, “That’s him! That’s the guy I am talking about right now!!” Then he walked right up to me and we finally exchanged names, both of us with giddy smiles all over our faces. He explained to me that he was a groomsman in the wedding. He then asked me to be his plus one. And that was the beginning!

Ben and I went through a lot in our first year. The most hurtful was losing my father to an aggressive brain tumor. At times, Ben truly reminds me of my father and that is so special to me. I am incredibly thankful to have had Ben by my side. Marriage has been such medicine for healing in my life. This anniversary shoot was lifting to the spirit. I enjoy looking at these photos and realizing the strength that now lies behind our love.”

Photography: Amanda K Photography | Creative Direction & Styling: Rebekah Carey A & B Creative | Hair: Bria Pelayo | Make-up: Robin Opal | Yellow and cranberry gowns: Anthropologie; Silver gown: JS Collections via Bloomingdale’s | Grey Suit: Banana Republic; Black Suit: Calvin Klein | Venue: Ashland Springs Estate

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LAST CHANCE Composition 101 offer ends tomorrow

Comp101-Insta-Gif-Launch-v2-grey 2

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your artistry.

Composition 101 is an in-depth course in visual composition and design written by industry-leading designer, Joy Thigpen, and guided by consultants from Harvard who are experts in adult learning and art education. This course will transform the way you create any image, be it a daily snap for your Instagram feed or a professional image for a client.

The deadline to take advantage of our introductory price for Composition 101 is tomorrow. Sign up before 11.59 pm EST to save $80 off the regular retail price of $249.


You can learn more about the course and read what other creatives have had to say here.

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Dreamy Garden Wedding Inspiration

There are so many things that we love about this garden wedding inspiration shoot, and yet words seem to be failing us. “The earth has music for those who listen.” – George Santayana

Please read on for more about this stunning setting and the photographer’s inspiration:

“We were inspired by the amazing place located in Italy and protected by UNESCO. You can truly believe in miracle and  fairies in the gorgeous Gardens of Ninfa. The gardens have been called the world’s most romantic garden. Ninfa draws together history, architecture and nature.

The beautiful Gardens of Ninfa (Giardini di Ninfa) are located in the Lazio region of Italy, about 40 miles south-east of Rome. Known mostly to garden enthusiasts, Ninfa and its unique setting are still a fairly well-kept secret.
The landscape garden within the park comprises 8 hectares and contains medieval ruins, several oaks, cypresses and poplars, grassy meadows, a wide range of exotic plants from various parts of the world, numerous watercourses and a large variety of rambling roses growing over the stone walls of the ruins.

The town of Ninfa takes its name from a little temple dedicated to the nymphs during the Roman period, built on one of the most abundant springs at the foot of the Lepini Hills. These waters gave life to the original river Nymphaeus.

Of the abandoned medieval town there remain today an imposing double wall and the ruins of a castle, churches, municipal buildings and many private dwellings. As in the past, water is still the key to Ninfa’s survival.

We used an idea around legends of Ninfas. A nymph in mythology is a minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing.

We tried to create the image of the nymph, pure and deep. She lives in this place, sings, talks to flowers, touchs plants, whispers plants, is hiding in the plants from foreign views and strangers.

 ‘Your eyes speak to my soul, my wants and desires.’ Our model was like the fragile fairy. Her ethereal beauty!  She was unprotected, airy and soft.  

We appreciate the beauty of nature and we want to emphasize how fragile and defenseless before the human it is. When you look at Garden’s routine you can really believe in Ninfa!”

Concept, planning & styling: Rosenvoile Wedding | Party | Style | Photography: Warmphoto | Videography: Rosa Pugliese | Hair & Makeup: Manola Spaziani | Dress: La jolie fille | Model: Beatrice Simion | Flowers: Jardin Divers | Plate: Dishesonly | Calligraphy: Cecilia  Boschi Calligraphando | Venue: Giardino di Ninfa | Home decor: Officina Mobile

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Romantic Bridal Hair Piece Trends

We’re thrilled today to share with you the newest collection from Erica Elizabeth Designs, with some of the most romantic bridal hair pieces that we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Read on for more style tips and the inspiration behind the line from the designer herself:

“This season I was captivated by the whimsical styles on the catwalks of Milan and Paris. As an admirer of the many lush period dramas on television, I was also thrilled to see the headdress become the most popular accessory on the red carpet.

I took all of that inspiration and disappeared into my studio. Working with these haute couture ideas and fashion trends I adapted them to bridal sensibilities. Each piece in the collection is a striking interpretation of classic beauty for the modern bride. Now is the perfect time for a bride to accessorize her look with flattering full crowns, circlet, or hair chains. 

For the bride who wants a regal, dramatic feel there are headpieces made from hand-crafted metals that give off a soft, golden glow when they catch the light. A soft, delicate crown of hand-pressed silk flowers is for many the essence of romance. Better still, choose a headpiece that mixes metals and textures, as unique as the woman wearing it.

With the help of photographer Meghan K. Sadler, we captured the mood I was looking for. Shot in dark rooms on a moody, overcast day, the rose golds and jewels came popping through the natural dim light.”

Accessories: Erica Elizabeth Designs| Photography: Meghan K. Sadler | Hair & Makeup: Bethany Ruck | Shoes: Bella Belle

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