Soft and Elegant Wedding Inspiration

Sweet, soft, beautiful. We love this stunning inspiration shoot styled by Joy Proctor and photographed by Sara Hasstedt. We just can’t get enough of all of the delicate textures and movement in these images, and we adore how Jess Wilcox styled the model’s long, luxurious hair. If you’re looking for a classic and elegant wedding, you can easily pull inspiration from this elegant photoshoot.

From Joy Proctor:

With this editorial we envisioned a young girl, walking through the gardens of her parents Chateau on the eve of her wedding.  Her creamy gown, mimicing the nude colors of the stone in the fountain and walls around her.  Thinking about the day before her, as in a dream, she lets down her hair as she wanders through the estate.

Photographer: Sara Hasstedt | Planner/Stylist: Joy Proctor | MUAH: Jess Wilcox  | Dress: Paolo Sebastian | Dress Store: Nearly Newlywed | Paper: Maybelle Imasa | Ribbon: Silk & Willow

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Most Pinned Fall Wedding Ideas

Autumn is right up there with spring when it comes to perfect wedding weather, especially in the South where the days are warm and the evenings have just the slightest chill. The fall foliage adds such a beautiful layer to weddings set outdoors, and you can’t beat the overall comfy feeling you have in the months leading up to winter. So, before we say goodbye to autumn until next year, we wanted to share some of our favorite (and yours) fall weddings and wedding ideas!

1. (Pictured below) We’ve shown you this Romantic Outdoor Fall Wedding multiple times, but you can’t deny that it is dripping in elegance and fall charm.
2. Next, this couple chose a more muted palette and highlighted rich fall tones by adding pops of color around their ceremony and reception. See the entire feature here.outdoor-fall-colors-wedding-reception-ideas
3. The ideas you’ll find in the post highlighted below would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table next week! Visit the page to gather some autumnal inspiration. fall-dinner-wedding-ideas
4. We adore how Joy Thigpen used variations on fall colors to create this stunning shoot with Buffy Dekmar for Once Wed. If you’re getting married in the fall, but want to avoid traditional reds and oranges, these subtle tones may be the perfect inspiration. fall-wedding-colors-bouquet
5. And finally, we finish our fall favorites with this timeless and elegant inspiration shoot that Joy worked on with Eric Kelley. You just can’t get more fall than this- we love the additions of coral, purple, and foraged fall greenery. fall-wedding-bouquet-wild-garden-roses-orchids-mauve-berry-peach-coral-1

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Should I change my last name?

Wedding planning collectively boils down to one thing: decisions. Whether you go through the process with meticulous detail or set your sights on eloping, decisions have to be made.  Among the list stands the age-old (and loaded) question: are you changing your name?

Here are some thoughts that may help you decide:

1. It seals the deal. It’s a special honor to be recognized as one family unit and you may ultimately feel closer because of it. Down the road, your lives are in sync with things like insurance, travel documents, children, and anything else your names are associated with.
2. It’s tradition. Whether or not you agree with the reasoning behind why women traditionally change their last name to match their husband’s, it’s definitely tradition. Your fiance may have strong feelings toward you changing your name, and your family may too!
3. Your new name sounds better. Correcting every jumbled mispronunciation just to get a dinner reservation makes your new five-lettered name sound extra sweet. Party of 5 for Mrs. Jones? Yes, please.

1. Losing your name may make you feel like you’re losing your identity. Your name feels like a part of you, and losing it may make you feel like a different person (but it doesn’t have to!).
2. It’s a little bit of a tedious process. You’ll have to go to the social security office, the DMV, and ultimately change your name on Facebook and Instagram, of course.
3. Changing your name means losing your namesake. You may come from a long line of daughters or you only have 1 male cousin to carry on the family name, so keeping your name may mean more to someone with 15 brothers.

Much like some of the other decisions you’ll make about your wedding, this one may be easy for you or it may take a little soul-searching. The beauty of this choice is that you have the freedom and time to make the best decision for you and your family. Take the time to discuss your feelings with your fiance and family, and ultimately, we’re sure you’ll make the choice that’s right for you!

Photography: Tec Petaja | Article: Melanie Robertz of Calluna Events

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