Fishtail Bun Wedding Hair Tutorial

 Here’s a super lovely wedding hair tutorial we found on Pinterest…its really easy and simple.


1) It looks like you want to start with some texture in your hair so go ahead and use some product and curl it up a little. You might want to back comb and tease it up some at the crown and in the back to add some more volume there, too. Then do a fishtail braid. This one is done to the side but it could also be done in the middle.

2) Then pull the braid so it loose and wide.

3)Twist it into a bun and secure with pins. So pretty!

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(Please let us know if you know the original source for this tutorial so we can credit!)

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Foraged Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flower Ideas
Sarah of Honey of a Thousand Flowers is back with us today sharing more fall wedding flower ideas. Yesterday she showed us how to put together an amazing wedding ceremonies arch while today is all about simple and affordable fall wedding centerpieces. More from Sarah “I think the prettiest thing in the fall, even more so than actual fall wedding flowers, are just plain leaves. They would make stunning and affordable centerpieces. The tutorial below is for a simple fall foliage arrangement.”
 Wedding Flower Instructions
1.     Start with your stems of leaves that have the strongest stems in the vase and build a base for your arrangement, this will create the overall shape.  If you need something to hold them in place you can use chicken wire in the vase.
2.     Put in secondary flowers. For this arrangement it was the bronze colored hanging amaranthus at the base.
3.     Add vine or the flower that is the lightest and airiest to your arrangement. I like to keep the arrangement asymmetrical, so this vine was placed more on one side than the other.
4. You have a finished centerpiece perfect for any fall wedding!

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DIY Wedding Ceremonies Wreath

Wedding Ceremony Wreath Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner, I can’t think of a better time for Rylee Hitchner and Katie McDaniel to send over this beautiful tutorial for wedding ceremonies wreath, which would also be a beautiful addition to your front doors during the Christmas holidays.

Katie incorporated white flowers for a wedding ceremonies wreath, but you could stick to evergreen pieces with maybe a few holly berries sprinkled throughout if you’re planning to create a wreath to go over your mantle or on your front door.  A little shrubbery from the yard, some floral tape, wire…voila!

DIY Wedding Ceremonies Wreath
Tools and Materials
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters/Clippers
Water Hats
30 greenery clippings as well as textural sprigs and even flowers. Evergreen plants work well. I chose silver berry, silver dollar eucalyptus, and fruiting olive branches. For textural accents, I added butterfly bush buds and dusty miller. I also used white lisianthis as blooms.
Step 1. Choose three sprigs (6-8 inches each) and layer them together. Tie wire around the stems. Repeat to make at least ten bunches. Make more for a larger wreath.
Step 2. Layer one bunch on top of another. The tips of the stems should be overlapped halfway up the stems of the bottom bunch. Attach with wire. Continue layering bunches over each other until the garland is your desired length.
Step 3. Form the garland into a circle and layer the last bunch onto the first. Tie with wire. If you want a perfectly circular wreathe, you can attach the circle on top of a wire form (found at floral supply or hobby stores). I prefer not to use a form in favor of a more organic shape.
Step 4. Once your wreath is securely wired together, add textural sprigs randomly throughout, attached with wire as well. Lastly, put water in water hats and insert blooms. Wire the water hats into the greenery so that the flowers are dispersed around the wreathe. Voila! Step back and admire!
Other ideas for greenery (you may have it all on your yard): Rosemary, Camellia branches, Boxwood, Cedar, Cotinus, Holly
Textures to try: Bittersweet, Cotton, Scabiosa pods, Lotus pods, Bunny tail grass
Photography by Rylee Hitchner // Wreaths and Tutorial by Katie McDaniel of Cloth of Gold

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Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Tutorial

 Wedding hairstyles for long hair…easier said than done, right? Especially if you’re planning to do your own hair for your wedding. Lora Kelley sent over this great tutorial for any gal looking to get those loose, beautiful curls we all seem to pine after, but have the hardest time executing on our own at home. Looking for more hair tutorials? Check out this other great wedding hairstyle for long hair here.

Hot tools 1? Curling Iron

Metal Double Prong Curl Clips – Available at Sally’s Beauty Supply or online here

**note, the double prong is important.. Holds WAY better than the single prong**

Redken Spray Starch – Available at Ulta

Frederic Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray


Divide your hair into sections, beginning with the bottom section, Create 3-4 smaller sections of each section – about 1? x  2?, Spray first sub-section with Spray Starch Spray, lightly (and each piece as you curl them).


1. Starting at the root, begin to curl hair, twisting the hair, and adding more until the entire iron is covered with hair.

2. Gather the curled section and pin with metal clip

3. Continue to do this to the bottom section, moving up through the entire head, until the head is completely set. *reate sections around your part, curl the front away from the face, to achieve a softer, modern look.

4. Let hair set for 20 minutes, spray lightly with fekkai hair spray.

5. Start releasing the hair from the bottom up, keeping the curl intact as you go and spray hair, lightly, after all the curls have been released.

6. Gently, with your fingers, pull through the end of the hair to soften and release the curl.

Extra tips: Use the curling iron to adjust any curls that look droopy, spray with Fekkai Spray, and avoid touching it too much, unless you want it to fall out a little more.

Photography: Eric Kelley // Styling, Hair & Makeup: Lora Kelley // Film Processing: Richards Photo Lab // Top: Elizabeth and James Crosby Top

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