Top 5 Table Garlands

Flowers aren’t the only way to adorn the tables at your wedding reception. Table garlands are a great way to bring a little bit of nature to your tables, and these five garlands have knocked it out of the park! Keep reading to visit the original posts.

1. (Pictured above) Amy Osaba worked alongside Ginny Au to create this stunning olive branch and fig leaf garland for an Italy inspired wedding shoot, and we love it!

2. (Pictured below) Table garlands are the perfect way to decorate if you’re choosing to have one or a few longer tables at your reception. Visit the original post to see more inspiration from this elegant Tuscan wedding.
3. We love table garlands that combine natural greens and lush blooms. Check out this post from Eric Kelley to see more of this stunning garland by Mallory Joyce.
4. And for a very simple version of a table garland, find some beautiful greenery and simply lay it on the table. This creates lovely texture and brings a little life to your tables. Check out the original post hereelegant-talble-setting-idesa1
5. And sometimes, simple is best. Your garland can be as simple as a few vines trailing delicately along the table like this from the Erich McVey Workshop dinnerorganic-dinner-decor-ideas-1So, if you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to create an organic and elegant look for your tables, garlands are definitely the way to go!

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How Much Do I Tip Wedding Vendors

One of the most common questions we get asked as planners and coordinators is “How much am I supposed to tip my vendors?” Figuring out who to tip, how much, and when to give it can be confusing and frankly a little bit awkward.

While some vendors include a gratuity fee in their contract, many will leave that up to you to determine based on the level of service they provide. But for vendors who own their own businesses, as many of your wedding vendors do, tipping isn’t necessary. However, if you feel that the service you received from one of these vendors exceeded your expectations, a 10 percent tip is a nice gesture.

As for when, most tips should be handed out the day of the wedding, so plan on assigning the job of handing out gratuity to your coordinator, a friend, or a family member (a great job for Dad!).

Here are some basic tips on how much to tip your different vendors:

Caterers: Check the contract. Some caterers may already include a gratuity fee in their contract. If the gratuity isn’t included, plan on tipping all staff members, including the catering manager, waiters, bartenders, etc. $20-$30 each.

Floral Designer: A thank you card and a small gift will be perfect; if she is a designer company rather than the owner, you can tip her $30-$50.

Wedding Planner: A small gift or thank you card is perfect for your planner as well, however, if they really outdid themselves and you’d love to express your gratitude, then feel free to tip her 10% of her fee ($500 at most).

Band or DJ: Tip each member of the band $20 or $25, and a great DJs get at least $25.

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists: Like when you get your hair cut, hair stylists and makeup artists generally receive 15-20% of their fee as a gratuity.

Photographer and Videographer: Most photographers and videographers won’t expect a tip, but if they don’t own the studio themselves, consider tipping each person from $50-$200.

Article by Brooke Kelly from Amy Osaba Events 

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Win a Flower Girl Dress from Bon-Bon New York


It’s so hard to find beautifully made flower girl dresses that complement any wedding party, and it’s even harder to find custom-made ones that are affordable and don’t take too much of your time to put together. We’d like to introduce a new company that offers all that and more. Effortlessly customize your dresses in 3 easy steps. It’s that simple! Bon-Bon New York partners with you to create that special dress just the way you want it. The team is inspired by timeless classics and source out the best fabrics to bring their dresses to life.

Bon-Bon New York’s dressmakers pride themselves in their fine detailing, which can be seen in the precise assembly and hand-stitched hems that give each dress the perfect drape. Each dress is lovingly stitched with the little one’s comfort in mind. Their dresses are incredibly comfortable so that she stays happy the whole day. What we especially love is that Moms will appreciate that these dresses can be worn over and over without spending a cent on dry- cleaning; all their dresses are machine washable!

We are excited to share that Bon-Bon New York wants to give each one of you the chance to win THREE of their dresses.

Step 1
Like their Facebook page 

Step 2
Share the giveaway post, and

Step 3
Let us know in your shared post which of the dresses in the picture you love and the color you’d like the dress in. Three lucky winners will win a dress that they can choose from! Contest ends October 20, 2014 12:00 am EST.

Follow Bon Bon New York for their latest designs and inspirations on Instagram and Facebook!

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DIY Chair Garland

On Monday we shared a few tips from Ashley Beyer and Kelly Perry on how best to forage for your own wedding, and today we’re excited to show you how to use those beautiful foraged greens in your wedding decor with these stunning chair garlands! Keep reading for the full materials list and step-by-step tutorial.
Materials Used

– Beautiful Chairs


-Flexible draping greenery (we used Russian olive)

-Sturdier greenery in various shapes (we used herbs from Ashley’s garden like sage and rosemary)

-Medium Gage wire


1. Using strips of wire, begin attaching the base greenery to the chair. Choose pieces that naturally drape to fit the shape of the chair.

2. Continue layering olive until you have almost reached your desired thickness

3. Add herb bundles. To create bundles, arrange smaller pieces of the sturdier greens in your hand, placing them in the area you would like to cover to measure and guide you as you arrange. Bind in the bundle with wire and leave extra wire on each side to attach to the chair. You may need to use an additional piece of wire neatly threaded behind a few key pieces of the bundle to add extra support higher up the bundle to keep it in place.

4. Finish the chair treatment by draping additional olive to the ground if desired.

Photography: Heather Payne | DIY: Ashley Beyer of Tinge and Kelly Perry of Philoposphy Flowers

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